The Tiger Fang is a weapon for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII. It can first be purchased at Cosmo Canyon. Tiger Fang is a low to mid-tier weapon, which provides four linked Materia slots. As with all of Tifa's gloves, it cannot be thrown, and like most, provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate.

Obtained[edit | edit source]

Tiger Fang can be purchased at Cosmo Canyon for 2,500 gil.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Attack 38
Attack% 110
Magic 8
Materia slots Materia Slot Linked.png x2
Bonuses Element: Punch

Critical% +2

As the Tiger Fang has a base Attack stat bonus of 38, the base damage for physical attacks when the Tiger Fang is equipped is in the following formula:

where "Level" is Tifa's current level and "Strength" is her Strength stat. The Tiger Fang also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 110%, grants a +8 bonus to Tifa's Magic stat, and provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate of +2%.

Use[edit | edit source]

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The Tiger Fang can be acquired after the player reaches Cosmo Canyon. It is Tifa's most powerful weapon at that point, until the player either reaches Wutai Village or the Temple of the Ancients, when more powerful weapons can be available. The weapon has four linked Materia slots and greater stats than previous weapons available for her.

Tiger Fang has two lots of two linked Materia slots, meaning Support Materia can be used for her. Nonetheless, due to Tifa's high Strength stat and her multi-hit Limit, these slots are better given to Independent Materia, such as Counter Attack, that take advantage of this, or Command Materia that does not depend on her Magic stat. However, it can be useful to equip Tifa with one Magic Materia or Summon Materia to make her useful in fights against enemies that resist physical damage. Giving her a curative Magic Materia such as Restore, or simply an attack Magic Materia that can be paired with Elemental or Added Effect, can do this efficiently.

Tiger Fang remains Tifa's most powerful weapon until the player completes the Wutai sidequest, when Diamond Knuckle becomes available. If the player does not visit Wutai early, it becomes replaceable upon reaching the Temple of the Ancients by the Work Glove, which has significantly greater Attack but no Materia slots. Other weapons that can replace Tiger Fang are the Kaiser Knuckle from the Whirlwind Maze and the Dragon Claw from Icicle Inn.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Tiger Fangs is another name for the Bagh nakha, a claw-like weapon from India designed to fit over the knuckles or be concealed under and against the palm.

Tifa also has another weapon called "Dragon Claw". In East Asian cultures, the dragon and the tiger are considered eternal rivals. Various artworks depict the two fighting an epic battle, the dragon representative of things of Yang polarity and spirit, with the tiger representative of things of Yin polarity and matter. Ultimately, they represent the inevitable reconciliation of opposing but equal forces. The dragon is a creature of the skies, whereas the tiger is considered the king of all terrestrial beasts, and their bouts always end in a draw.

In the context of Eastern and Asian martial arts, the dragon represents the aspects of soft style and internal martial arts, focusing on accuracy, mental alertness, and fluid reactivity. The tiger represents the aspects of hard style and external martial arts, focusing on explosive speed, raw strength, and countering an opposing force with one's own. In martial arts fiction and fantasy, internal based martial arts are often seen with abilities centered on chi energy and spiritual powers, while external martial arts are depicted with unparalleled physical proportions, with the most reputable martial arts being able to harmonize and utilize both aspects as one force.

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