A master of martial arts and a member of the anti-Shinra resistance group AVALANCHE. In inviting her childhood friend, Cloud, to join the resistance to save the Planet, she learns to face her past and come to terms with her feelings. In her spare time, she runs the bar 7th Heaven and is an excellent cook.


Tifa is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during Chapter 1 of the main storyline.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tifa wears a white tank top and black mini-skirt with a belt and suspenders. She dons red and black gloves that extend to her elbows, red boots, black socks, and a metal guard on her left elbow.

Tifa wears the Leather Suit in her alternate costume. She wears a white tank-top under a black vest with a zipper going up the center, black leather overhauled shorts with a long cape at the back of Tifa's waist and black gloves (though her weapons will replace her gloves in battles). She wears dark boots and a red ribbon around her left arm.

Personality[edit | edit source]

In the world of respite, Tifa projects an emotional sensitivity and charisma which she uses to smooth hostility and/or judgment between the warriors and certain new recruits, including Yuffie, Barret, Terra, and Machina. These traits also drive her priorities in the world of respite. For instance, Tifa's first objective upon her entry into the world is to reunite with her childhood friend Cloud, paralleling her deep emotional attachment to him in the events of Final Fantasy VII. These qualities intertwine with assertive outspokenness. Tifa is quick to chide Cloud for his reckless and callous solitude when he strives to strike out on his own, and to fight Yuffie when she embarks on a pickpocketing spree.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Main storyline[edit | edit source]

Materia brings Tifa and Cloud to the world of light. Tifa becomes separated from Cloud and finds herself wandering a bat-infested cave on Primus Island, besieged by monsters. She meets some of the first warriors of Materia (the Warrior of Light, Sazh, and Vivi). Although she initially raises her guard, she decides to join them to search for Cloud and becomes the fifth warrior to join Mog's retinue.

Tifa runs into Cloud in a nearby meadow. He recklessly races ahead to defeat enemies that threaten them, but she convinces him to join them. She continues to assist Mog in recruiting other warriors, including Zidane and Vaan. When the warriors of Materia alight on the beachhead near the lost kingdom of Thronus, Yuffie pickpockets a jewel out of Tifa's glove. Furious, Tifa threatens to attack her. numerous warriors give chase to Yuffie until Tifa, Vivi, and Sazh corner her, forcing her to return all the stolen goods and Tifa recruits Yuffie to their cause.

In Crudelis, Tifa assists Vaan in tracking down Penelo after Mog senses her presence. After Materia's warriors defeat a brainwashed Terra in Magitek Armor, Tifa and a few other of her compatriots care for her while she recovers in a nearby sheltered cave. When Terra awakens and shares the story of her capture by Kefka, Tifa reassures her that they knew she was not truly their enemy despite their earlier confrontation. She helps convince Terra to join their fight. Later in Crudelis, Tifa is challenged by Yang, and helps to break Kefka's hold over him as well.

Tifa and the Warriors of Light follow Mog towards a palace in Malitia, where she encounters Firion laying a wild rose below a torsion he has just closed. As he has already affiliated with the Returners, Tifa and the others are unable to convince him to join the group at the time. As the group approaches the causeway to the palace, they defeat a dark manikin of Yuna; they debate whether manikins are indeed alive and they discuss the Farplane and communing with the dead.

Lost Chapter appearances[edit | edit source]

When the warriors encounter Barret, they spar with him in a misunderstanding while Shadow runs back to alert the main group. He alerts Tifa, who recognizes Barret's description, and hurries over to greet him. After Barret joins Materia's warriors, Tifa (along with Cloud and Cait Sith) confers with Barret and they bring each other up to speed.

After Machina joins the warriors he is struck by immense remorse for having survived the war in Orience when Class Zero did not. On their journey, Machina and Tifa talk about old childhood promises made and kept. He becomes withdrawn after an immature comment about commitment from Vaan. Sensing this, Tifa reassures him, realizing that their traumatic pasts tied up in those promises are sensitive topics to broach.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Metal Knuckles (VII).png Metal Knuckles (VII)
(4★) / 10CP
DFFOO Tiger Fang (VII).png Tiger Fang (VII)
(5★) / 15CP
Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII. Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII.
DFFOO Mythril Claw (VII).png Mythril Claw (VII)
(5★) / 35CP
DFFOO Motor Drive (VII).png Motor Drive (VII)
(5★) / EX (70CP)
Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII. Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII.
DFFOO Motor Drive (VII)+.png Motor Drive (VII)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
DFFOO Dragon Claw (VII).png Dragon Claw (VII)
(5★) / LD (90CP)
Original design.
Based on the Mythril Claws as seen in Dissidia NT.
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Power Armband (VII).png Power Armband (VII)
(4★) / 20CP
DFFOO Champion Belt (VII).png Champion Belt (VII)
(5★) / 35CP
Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII. Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII.
DFFOO Minerva Earring (VII).png Minerva Earring (VII)
(5★) / 90CP
DFFOO Minerva Earring (VII)+.png Minerva Earring (VII)+
(6★) / 130CP
Original armor.
DFFOO Minerva Band (VII).png Minerva Band (VII)
(7★) / 210CP
DFFOO Minerva Band (VII)+.png Minerva Band (VII)+
(7★) / 220CP
Updated design based on its artwork from Final Fantasy VII.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Melee 200px
Steals enemy's BRV.
BRV Attack+:

3-hit BRV attack.
Condition: "Fever Time" is active.

BRV Attack++:

Increases BRV based on ATK before BRV attack.
Condition: "Fever Time (EX+)" is active.

HP Attack
HP, Melee DFFOO Tifa HP Attack.png
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
HP Attack+:

1-hit BRV+HP attack.
Condition: "The Zangan Way" is active.

HP Attack++:

Increases BRV based on ATK before BRV attack.
Stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV up to 120%.
Condition: "Fever Time (EX+)" is active.

Beat Rush
HP, Melee, Debuff DFFOO Tifa Beat Rush.png
3-HIT BRV attack.
Increases BRV based on ATK before BRV attack.
"ATK Down" for 4 turns to target.
Deals extra damage to skeletons.
Stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV up to 150%.
High turn rate.
Beat Rush+:

Stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV up to 180%.

Battle Cry
Buff DFFOO Psyche Up.jpg
Increases BRV based on ATK then doubles it.
Grants "MAX BRV Up" and "The Zangan Way" to self for 11 turns.
No action delay.
Beat Rush Recovery Attack Up
Additional Ability, Buff DFFOO Beat Rush Recovery Attack Up.png
Increases own ATK for 3 turns.
Beat Rush use +1 after use (with upper limit).
No action delay.
Dolphin Blow
EX Ability, HP, Melee, Buff, Chase DFFOO Dolphin Blow.png
Base effects:

2-hit BRV+HP attack.
Grants "Fever Time" to self for 3 turns.
Inflicts guaranteed "Knock Back" to target.
Stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV up to 150%.

Realization effects:

Becomes Dolphin Blow Combo
3-hit BRV+HP attack + 4-hit BRV-HP attack.
Increases BRV based on ATK before BRV attack.
Grants a 1 turn delay on target.
Stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV up to 200%.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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