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Series appearances[]

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike[]

Character portrait.

Tifa appeared as a support character, and the first support character introduced. She could perform a Unison Limit Break with Cloud where she used her Final Heaven move with the Premium Heart equipped. She also provided a Level 1 power up which raised Cloud's attack power.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura.

Tifa is one of the characters added to Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, fighting as a Warrior of Cosmos. She goes off her own during the twelfth cycle of war and comes into conflict with Ultimecia. Saved by Kain, she follows him to discover the truth of his betrayal, knowing he is a good man and would not attack his allies without reason. She does not know Sephiroth or Cloud due to losing her memories, but they remember her when the three confront one another in a Report.

Tifa dons her original design from Final Fantasy VII as her default outfit. Her alternate costumes, she wears her Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children attire and her Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- guide outfit. As a downloadable fourth outfit, Tifa wears an outfit with a red miniskirt, boots and gloves, based on her design by Yoshitaka Amano.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

Tifa appears as a playable character classed as an Assassin type.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

DFFOO Tifa.png

Tifa is a default character. Her specialty is the Beat Rush, a BRV attack effective against skeletons. She should be in the active party when following Cloud's story arc in Chapter 1, to complete its basic objectives.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Theatrhythm CC Tifa.png

A member of AVALANCHE, an anti-Shinra group that takes extreme measures to defy the company, and the popular proprietress of the bar 7th Heaven. She is a kind and motherly woman, while also being a proficient martial artist. Her lively personality belies an introverted nature and hides her love for her childhood friend Cloud.

Online description

Tifa is a purchasable character in the iOS version and does not appear in the original 3DS release. She must be purchased through the online store before she can be used.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]


Despite her cute face, this childhood friend of Cloud's is also a member of AVALANCHE, able to hold her own in any battle with no more than her fists. Yet even now she believes that her hero will come save her if she is ever in need of him.

CollectaCard, Final Fantasy VII version

It has been two years since the battle to save the Planet. Each day passes in peace as Tifa cares for the orphaned children of the war and manages 7th Heaven. Yet Cloud is nowhere to be seen, and his phone rings unanswered...

CollectaCard, Advent Children version

Tifa is a playable character, and is one of the few characters to have a 2nd variation. Her 1st variation is of her original attire in Final Fantasy VII, and is unlocked by collecting White Crystal Shards. Her 2nd variation is the main representative of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and can be available from the start by transferring save data from the second demo into the retail game. However, if the player did not select her among their party of four, or download the demo, she can later be unlocked by collecting Green Crystal Shards.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival[]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

Tifa appears as a playable character.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

Tifa's icon.

Tifa is an ally and a summonable Legend depicted in her Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children outfits, an event-related sailor uniform, a swimsuit and a Santa Claus outfit. Her abilities are Beat Rush, Dolphin Blow, Meteor Strike, Somersault and Final Heaven. She was first introduced in the event, "Final Fantasy VII — Calamity from the Skies", in which her abilities and weapons were made usable to successfully combat Jenova∙LIFE and Jenova∙DEATH.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy Artniks[]

Tifa has several collectible cards based on her appearances in Final Fantasy VII, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, and in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Her cards were valued high; her Final Fantasy VII card was an SR (Super Rare) valued card, while her Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children cards were SR+ (Super Rare+). Her card's abilities were based mostly on her Limits moves (Waterkick for Final Fantasy VII card, Beat Rush for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy card, and Meteordrive for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children). Her cards generally had higher Atk (attack) stats than Def (defense); her Atk stats were 3170, 3440, and 4720; while her Def stats were 2630, 2190 and 3250; all for Final Fantasy VII, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children cards respectively.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

Tifa's sprite.

This AVALANCHE heroine really wishes people would stop getting into her drawers.


Tifa is an exclusive character only available from the Premium Character Shop as a random downloadable content. She uses Beat Rush and Somersault during battle.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Tifa's sprite.

Tifa is a recruitable character initially unlocked as the First-Time Reward in the Shinra Building 26F-30F dungeon, from the Of Shinra and Legends Challenge Event. She was also recruitable in The Battle Arena, Hidden Resolve, The Lone Wolf's Lament - Cloudy Wolf, and A Night to Remember.

Final Fantasy Explorers[]

FFE Tifa.png

Tifa is one of the many characters the player can transform into using the Trance system. Her appearance represents Final Fantasy VII alongside Cloud and Aerith.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

No. 1112 Tifa (7★).

Tifa appears as a character and summonable vision. She retains her original appearance. She serves as a character representative from Final Fantasy VII.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

WotV Tifa.png

Tifa appears as a summonable vision and optional playable character. She retains her original appearance. She serves as a character representative from Final Fantasy VII.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

WoFF Tifa.png
Who's Who
CV: Rachael Leigh Cook / Ayumi Ito
Age in Grymoire: 20
Notes: Aspiring martial artist / Seems cheerful and outgoing, but is actually quite shy / "Whoa! It finally worked!" / A cowgirl? Really?
She's There When You Need Her
Even though Tifa had never met Reynn and Lann, she still put herself in danger to rescue them. Call it heroic or call it reckless, Tifa just isn't the kind of woman to leave anyone stuck in a jam.
Tifa's Dream
Tifa makes ends meet as a guide in Babil, but hopes to one day save up enough to open her own restaurant. She'd be in seventh heaven if she ever made it happen.
Ready to Wrangle
Tifa's wearing her CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- outfit. However, she's the same age as she was in FINAL FANTASY VII.
A Childhood Friend
When Tifa ran into Cloud during the Cogna invasion, she was shocked to discover that he was the same Cloud she grew up with. But whether or not Cloud remembers her is anyone's guess.
The Mysterious Master
Tifa was badly hurt during a calamity that befell the village of Mist, which stood where Nibelheim does today. The man who would become her master just happened to be visiting the village and saved her life. Ever since, she's been his loyal student and disciple in the martial arts.
And clearly, he doesn't go easy on her. In fact, she now assumes that every horrible crisis she encounters must be some part of her master's training. Which makes you wonder what he's put her through...
Oh, and in case you're wondering... Sorry! Tifa's master will not be making an appearance this time.
First World of Origin:
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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The following is a list of quotes uttered by Tifa when talking to her.


What a relief to hear that Rydia's okay. Thank goodness.


Be careful.


How're you doing?

Spoilers end here.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Tifa is represented by fire-elemental cards, one being a promotional card. One displays Tifa's promotional CG art; another uses her artwork by Tetsuya Nomura; a third uses her Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy artwork; two depict her from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete; one depicts her promotional render for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy; and the promotional card depicts her artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Her Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy card has the Falcon Dive Action Ability, while the promotional artwork card bears Waterkick. Tifa's Manikin, Prudent Pugilist, also appears as a card.

Triple Triad[]

Tifa appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Guest appearances[]

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring[]

Tifa's artwork by Tetsuya Nomura.

Tifa is an initial playable character whose moveset includes Somersault, Beat Rush, and chargeable energy blasts. Her alternate costume is based on her Yoshitaka Amano artwork, and a third unlockable costume depicts her in her cowgirl outfit from the time she served as a guide in Nibelheim in Final Fantasy VII. Tifa is fought as an optional boss in the game's Arcade Mode in the Golden Saucer. To fight her, the player must defeat every opponent up to Sasuke in under 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Her title is "Summoner", and she can be fought after defeating "Guardian" Cloud.

Tifa's fighting style is Zangan-Ryu Martial Arts mixed with Ken's fighting style, known as Mishima-Style Fighting Karate. Some of her moves are based on Jin Kazama's former fighting style of Advanced Mishima-Style Fighting Karate and Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts in Tekken 3, as she utilizes his basic combo attacks and two of his special moves, Demon Scissors and Double Lift Kick, mixed with her Limit Break, Somersault. Few of her Limit Breaks are used as her basic attacks.

Her unique ability is using her Materia magic, as she casts Fire and Ice to deal double damage and to heal her magic points by sacrificing few of her hit points by casting Drain. During charge, she can cast two spells similar to a Red Mage's Dualcast. Her win animation is her victory pose from Final Fantasy VII.

Kingdom Hearts[]

Appearance in Kingdom Hearts II.

Tifa appears in Kingdom Hearts II, looking around Hollow Bastion for Cloud and helping Leon defend Hollow Bastion when the world is invaded. Tifa wishes to help Cloud fight Sephiroth, and has spent much of the game searching for him. She interrupts a battle between the two and gives Cloud the power of light to combat Sephiroth's darkness.

Cloud shines brightly and he and Sephiroth depart to places unknown to continue their battle. Tifa thanks Sora for his help in locating Cloud and gives him the Fenrir Keychain. She later appears as a boss in several cups in the Underworld Coliseum, fighting with the other Final Fantasy characters.

Tifa is the physical embodiment of Cloud's inner light[1] to oppose Sephiroth, Cloud's darkness. She may be incorporeal and not an actual human. Nomura left her nature open to interpretation to generate discussion among players on whether or not Tifa was human.[2]

Tifa was originally supposed to appear in Kingdom Hearts, but was removed for time reasons.

In addition, Tifa makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] as one of the obtainable character cards. She appears in the remake, Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], on several medals. Players can have their female avatar dress like Tifa in her Kingdom Hearts II outfit.

Itadaki Street[]

Tifa in Itadaki Street Special.

Tifa appears as a playable character in the Itadaki Street series (more recently known as Fortune Street) of video-game board games exclusive to Japan. Her appearances as a playable character are in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special, Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable, and Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Mobile. She appears alongside many characters from the Final Fantasy series, including several others from Final Fantasy VII, notably Cloud, Aerith, and Sephiroth (who is a secret playable character), and Yuffie (only in Portable).

Puzzle & Dragons[]

No. 3297 Tifa (6★).
No. 3298 7th Heaven's Owner, Tifa (7★).
No. 3299 Holder of Concealed Feelings, Tifa (8★).
No. 3824 Pixel Tifa (8★).

Tifa appeared as part of the Final Fantasy collaboration. She was introduced in the collaboration event that happened in the North American version from November 28, 2016 to December 11, 2016.

She was obtainable as a 6★ ranked unit named "Tifa" (ティファ, Tifa?), with an attacker type and a light element. In her first ultimate evolution, she becomes a 7★ ranked unit named "7th Heaven's Owner, Tifa" (セブンスヘブンの看板娘・ティファ, Sebunsuhebun no Kanbanmusume Tifa?), with an attacker and physical type and light and fire elements. In her second ultimate evolution, she becomes an 8★ ranked unit named "Holder of Concealed Feelings, Tifa" (想い秘めし者・ティファ, Omoihime Shisha Tifa?), with an attacker and physical type and light and fire elements. In her alternate ultimate evolution, she becomes an 8★ ranked unit named "Pixel Tifa" (ドット・ティファ, Dotto Tifa?), with an attacker and physical type and a light element.

As a 6★ ranked unit, Tifa wears her standard outfit and emits an aura of light. Her active skill is "I won't give up!" and her leader skill is "Beat Rush". After being evolved to her first ultimate evolution as a 7★ ranked unit, she assumes a fighting stance with her fist enveloped in a red glow and an aura of light swirling about her. Her active skill is "I won't give up!" and her leader skill is "Meteor Strike". After being evolved to her second ultimate evolution as an 8★ ranked unit, Tifa wears her black outfit from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and is enveloped in white and yellow petals reminiscent of a scene from the movie. Her active skill is "I won't give up!" and her leader skill is "Final Heaven". In her alternate ultimate evolution as a 8★ ranked unit, Pixel Tifa appears as an animated sprite version of her initial appearance. Her active skill is "I won't give up even if I'm scared." and her leader skill is "Meteodrive".

Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble[]

Tifa has appeared in the Final Fantasy Dissidia Event in Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble as a Rank SSS Yo-kai of the Tough Tribe.

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Super Smash Bros.[]

Tifa appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a costume for Mii Brawler. She also appears as a Spirit, represented by a Mii Brawler using her outfit.

Dead Fantasy[]

Tifa in Dead Fantasy.

Tifa appears in many episodes of Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy series as a combatant against the girls from the Dead or Alive video game series. Her main opponent is Hitomi, as they are both martial artists. Her fighting style is based on her Ehrgeiz counterpart, but she no longer utilizes Ken's fighting style. Her style is now Zangan-Ryu martial arts mixed with Materia magic. Tifa's moves focus on kicks, as her punches are based on Chinese Kempo. Tifa mixes several Materia with her martial arts. Her grunts from Dead Fantasy II until Dead Fantasy V are from Lisa Hamilton, known as La Mariposa in Dead or Alive series, voiced by Maaya Sakamoto.

Tifa's appearance had minor changes with the pink ribbon replaced with a red band. In the end of Dead Fantasy III until Dead Fantasy V, her leather suit gains battle damage. In the remake version created by Uiyahan, the ribbon is red to resemble the band she wore in the original movie, and her black gloves are replaced by red fingerless gloves with turquoise studs from her main outfit in the original Final Fantasy VII. Her overall appearance is her playable appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT within her first alternate costume. She is the first character to be collaborated by two Japanese voice actresses. Uiyahan made a brief teaser for Tifa in her first appearance at the end of the remake version of Dead Fantasy I as well as her voice grunts in "Dead Fantasy 2020" made by youtuber, sWooZie where she was voiced by her original voice actress, Ayumi Ito.

She also appears in the two music videos Monty Oum created: Dead Fantasy - Obsessed and Dead Fantasy - Gee. She is portrayed in her cowgirl outfit from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and plays the role of Seo Joohyun, one of the members of Girls Generation.


Tifa appears in an episode in which she fights Yang Xiao Long from RWBY. In the episode, Tifa works as barmaid, alluding to her occupation from Final Fantasy VII. Tifa performs many of her Limit Breaks, and the stats displayed for her are the maximum stats she can achieve in the original Final Fantasy VII release at level 99, with no additional Materia changes or items boosting stats used.


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