Encounters[edit | edit source]

Sorry if this stings a little!
when opponent is weaker

This'll be a nice warmup!
when opponent is weaker

I'll show you Zangan's secret technique!

Mock me and I'll squash you!

Sorry, but I won't hold back.

You're strong...I can tell.
when opponent is stronger

Calm down...deep breaths.
when opponent is stronger

No...I can't get timid now.
when HP is low

Someone say it's gonna be okay...!
when HP is low

Alright, let's go!
when opponent's HP is low

I'm gonna win!
when opponent's HP is low

You're not gonna get careless fighting me, right?
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

Not yet, I'm just getting started.
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

Don't worry, just leave it to me!
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

Everyone's thoughts...are here with me!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific[edit | edit source]

I get the whole serious act, but don't overdo it.
Warrior of Light

I will blow your cycle out of the water!

Stop grumbling! Let's go!

There's no world for you to rule!
The Emperor

Good luck, little knight.
Onion Knight

I don't need two cloudy skies!
Cloud of Darkness

I won't hold back, ya know!

I wish that you'd believe in me more!

I'll punch a hole in that armor of yours!

Hey, could you try giving HIM some of your pep?

Can you keep up with me, ya big oaf?

Sorry, but I don't carry any weapons.

Don't rush to find answers, okay?

What are you laughing at?

Guess, we have to fight, don't we?

What would I gain from this?

I'll beat you and get all my memories back!

You won't get anywhere if you keep quiet!

So, can you handle my punches too?

Just back off, you old witch!

What are you looking at? Focus!
Zidane Tribal

I'm "not interested" in your music.

You know, you can't win just by being upbeat!

I'm going to keep my promise, just like you!

It's fist to fist! Let's go!

Can you handle my punches?

You're gonna be fun to play with!

I think being too naive is a problem too. . .

You're not the only one who has their doubts...

I just have to get stronger than you!

I'll beat you down as much as I need to.

Our home is worth fighting for!
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific[edit | edit source]

Side Story: Unexpected Fulfillment -1-
Tifa: "You don't even tell a girl your name before you stab her?"
Sephiroth: "You don't remember me. How very tragic."

Treachery of the Gods: Ally
Ultimecia: "You'll be rejoining your allies soon."
Tifa: "Yeah, soon as I'm done with you!"

Treachery of the Gods: An Undocumented Battle
Ultimecia: "Throwing away a life once spared."
Tifa: "Who said I was?"

Battle[edit | edit source]

when using Beat Rush

Take that!
when using Waterkick

Take off!
when using Dolphin Blow

Wintery breath.
when using Blizzard, Blizzara, or Blizzaga

This'll hurt!
when using Falcon's Dive

Here goes!
when using HP attack during chase

This is it... Take this!
when using Burning Arrow

Planet's power... Burst!
when using Meteor Crusher

Don't move! ...Huh?
when using Rolling Blaze (miss)

Don't move! ...See ya!
when using Rolling Blaze (hit)

when using Meteodrive

Here goes! Knockout!
when using Meteor Strike

Time to get serious!
when entering EX Mode

Are you ready?
when EX Burst begins

My thoughts empower me.
when EX Burst is being charged

Breaking my limits!... Feels like you're flying, doesn't it?
with perfect EX Burst execution

Breaking my limits!... Words aren't the only way to convey your feelings.
with alternate EX Burst execution

Now I'm mad!
when using EX Revenge

Let me help!
when called as an Assist

Victory[edit | edit source]

That was rather underwhelming.
when opponent is weaker

Let's spar again when you're stronger.

You need to train more! Just kidding.
when opponent is weaker

Ahh...All done.

Think I got a little stronger again...

I wonder if this is what people call a miracle...?
when opponent is stronger

Looks like my training paid off!
when opponent is stronger

Ah...that was a close call!
when HP is low

Defeat[edit | edit source]

Ugh...carelessness is an enemy...

I guess I'm...out of my league...

Talk about demoralizing...

I knew I didn't stand a chance...
when opponent is stronger

There was...just no way...

I can't stop at a place like this...

I'm sorry...it's all my fault...!

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