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Tietra is Delita's younger sister. Both are children of a simple farmer who lived and worked on land by House Beoulve. Lord Barbaneth Beoulve assumed custody of both Tietra and Delita soon after their parents were taken by the Black Death. She attended the Eagrose Preparatory Akademy with Alma, but her peers would not accept her due to her roots.

Personae description

Tietra Heiral, also known as Teta Hyral, is Delita's sister in Final Fantasy Tactics. She is a commoner girl taken in by the nobleman Barbaneth Beoulve and is friends with his daughter Alma.



Tietra has long brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a purple dress.


Tietra loves Delita as her brother. She is gentle and speaks only when needed.


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Capture by the Corpse Brigade[]

Tietra was taken in by House Beoulve along with her elder brother, Delita, after their parents died of the Black Death. She befriended Alma Beoulve despite their class difference.

During a Corpse Brigade assassination attempt on Barbaneth's eldest son Dycedarg Beoulve, Gragoroth Levigne attempts to seize Alma, but Dycedarg's brother Zalbaag intervenes. Gragoroth kidnaps Tietra and escapes with her, taking her to the Windmill Hut. Like Gragoroth, the Brigade leader Wiegraf Folles mistakenly believes Tietra is a Beoulve. Meanwhile, Zalbaag readies the Order of the Northern Sky knights for an attack on the Corpse Brigade. Realizing this endangers Tietra, Delita convinces his friend Ramza Beoulve to defy his half-brothers and attempt a rescue.

Ramza and Delita make their way to the Lenalian Plateau where they are attacked by Wiegraf's sister Milleuda. They kill her, and Wiegraf resolves to fight Ramza. He orders Gragoroth to Ziekden Fortress, leaving Tietra behind, but Gragoroth ignores him, considering her an Ace in the Hole, and takes her with him. Ramza and Delita defeat Wiegraf and move on to Ziekden Fortress, but Zalbaag and Argath Thadalfus arrive first with the Northern Sky knights. As Ramza and Delita arrive, they find a standoff: Gragoroth is holding Tietra hostage with Argath pointing a crossbow at the two.

Tietra's death.

Zalbaag gives an order and Argath fires two shots. The first strikes Tietra, while the second hits Gragoroth. Wounded, Gragoroth releases Tietra and crawls back inside the fort. Tietra calls out to Delita and collapses. As Zalbaag leaves, Delita flies into a rage, and with Ramza, lunges to kill Argath. Argath fights back and is guarded by a number of Northern Sky knights, but Delita and Ramza prevail, killing him.

As Delita goes over to Tietra, Gragoroth lights explosives within the fort. Delita later remarks Tietra "watched over [him] that day", although what he means by that is ambiguous. The Japanese version hints that she physically saved him from death by shielding his body from the explosion, but Delita's remark can also mean she "saved him" by giving his life a purpose.

Following Tietra's death, Delita mourns for her and thinks of Tietra often. Upon finding something hard to do, he does it "on Tietra's name".

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Sister to Delita Heiral. She and her brother have relied upon one another since losing their parents long ago.

This is a story-related job used in cutscenes and serves no purpose in battle. It possesses no reaction abilities, support abilities or movement abilities. Curiously, the developers did take time to give it a job description.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
None None None None No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
0 0 1 0% None None None None



Tietra's job command. Taught by her elder brother, this magick is hers alone.

Name MP Cost Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Cure 6 4 2 25 50
White Magick that soothes injuries, restoring HP.
Can be Reflected. Arithmeticks.
Quote: "Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!"
(Wish*(PS name))
1 1 Now 0
Sacrifice HP to restore twice as much to an ally.


Tietra "participates" in the battle at Ziekden Fortress, but she is unconscious and cannot be revived, even by using a Phoenix Down or the White Mage's Raise or Arise spells, nor the Monk's Revive ability, because her job comes with the innate KO.

She uses the unique job "Commoner", or "Delita's Sis" in the PS version.


FFT Tietra's Menu Sprite.png
  • Tietra's roster menu sprite does not depict the correct sprite, yet it isn't the default chapter 1 Ramza sprite found on countless non-player characters either. It's a sprite not used anywhere in the game, only appearing on the party roster menu. Tietra's roster sprite is a dark-skinned girl with brown hair in pigtails. There's a concept artwork of this dark-skinned girl: she's 23 years old and called "Elegant Flier". Director Yasumi Matsuno doesn't remember what the setting for her was.[1]