Tidus is a playable character in Final Fantasy X who also appears as a boss and recruitable party member in Final Fantasy X-2. He is of the classic Warrior class archetype, wielding swords and being strong and agile, but does not have such high Defense. A famed blitzball player, Tidus uses some of the maneuvers he's learned at the sport for his special attacks. In Final Fantasy X, Tidus uses abilities that let him manipulate the turn order in battle.

Final Fantasy X[edit | edit source]

Star player of the Zanarkand Abes. His attacks lack some power due to his inexperience with the sword. Speed is his greatest asset.

Scan description

Tidus attacks a fiend.

Tidus equips swords and shields. He can be considered part Time Mage because he uses abilities like Haste, Slow and Delay Attack. He, alongside Wakka and Rikku, is able to fight underwater.

When counter-attacking a fiend on the ground, he performs a regular attack; when counter-attacking a fiend in the air, he lifts his sword high and swings to the right; when countering underwater, Tidus reverse-swings his sword as if attacking a flying fiend, and performs a regular attack when attacking a faster fiend e.g. Maelspike. Tidus has two victory poses, depending on whether he is on land or underwater. On land, Tidus throws his sword in the air, catches and swings it in front of him. Underwater, Tidus does a somersault and then crosses his arms.

Because of his speed, versatility and powerful Overdrives, Tidus is often chosen for a player's endgame party to tackle the optional content against Monster Arena creations and Dark Aeons.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Tidus lags behind Auron in terms of Strength and Defense, but makes up for it with high Agility, Evasion, and Accuracy growth, allowing him to dispatch the speedier fiends.

Values in parentheses are node stat bonuses.
Stat Base Value Sphere Grid
Normal Expert
HP 520 3120 (2600) 2720 (2200)
MP 12 152 (140) 202 (190)
Strength 15 54 (39) 46 (31)
Defense 10 34 (24) 31 (21)
Magic 5 11 (6) 14 (9)
Magic Defense 5 7 (2) 8 (3)
Agility 10 40 (30) 40 (30)
Luck 18 19 (1) 21 (3)
Evasion 10 29 (19) 29 (19)
Accuracy 10 29 (19) 28 (18)

Equipment[edit | edit source]


Tidus can equip swords and shields. His signature weapons are the Brotherhood sword he receives from Wakka, and his Celestial Weapon, the Caladbolg, that deals more damage the higher his HP is.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tidus begins with no special commands, but will quickly learn Cheer, Flee, Extract Speed, Provoke, and Delay Attack.

Tidus's Sphere Grid path runs near Yuna's and Auron's, and his representing color is aqua. The unique abilities in Tidus's default position on the Sphere Grid include the following:

Abilities denoted with an asterisk (*) are available in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster version of Final Fantasy X.
Ability Description Ability Description
Cheer Raises party's strength and defense. Flee Aid party's escape from battle.
Extract Speed* Allows target to drop speed spheres. Haste Speed up the actions of one ally.
Provoke Draw an enemy's attack toward the character. Delay Attack Delays target's next turn.
Slow Slow down the actions of one enemy. Slowga Slow down the actions of all enemies.
Delay Buster Greatly delay target's next turn. Hastega Speed up the actions of all allies.
Quick Hit Strike quickly with reduced recovery time.

Overdrive[edit | edit source]

Blitz Ace, a Swordplay for Tidus.

Tidus's Overdrive is Swordplay, where he learns new skills by repeatedly using his old ones. When executed, a meter and a count-down timer appear with a small, gold-colored space in the middle of the meter, which the player must try to hit by pressing X when the marker is within its borders to do additional damage. The amount of additional damage depends on how much time is left on the timer. The width of the space decreases according to the strength of the Swordplay skill. The pointer will also move faster the stronger the Swordplay chosen, and the time allotted will be shorter. If the player misses the marker will return to its default position (far left of the meter) and start moving again. Tidus can also perform his Overdrives underwater, where his attacks van have different animation to accommodate.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Blitzball[edit | edit source]

Tidus with his new Blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs.

With his high SH and EN, Tidus is best in a forward position. His PA, initially low, increases to a decent figure by later levels. Tidus is the best offensive player due to Jecht Shot, but struggles defensively. He begins with Sphere Shot.

Key Techniques
Venom Tackle
Drain Tackle 2
Anti-Venom 2
LV 2 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 70 80 90 99
HP 132 237 441 679 954 1264 1609 1990 2407 2859 3347 4429 5853 7020 8529 9999
SP 60 60 60 61 61 61 62 62 63 63 64 64 65 66 67 67
EN 10 12 16 19 23 27 30 34 37 41 45 52 59 66 73 80
AT 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 17 19 21 23
PA 3 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 23 27 32 38 44 49
BL 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 16 18 19
SH 10 13 17 21 25 29 33 37 41 44 49 55 61 67 73 78
CA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 15 17 19 20
Special Techniques
Technique Requirement Obtaining Method
Jecht Shot Win minigame "Jecht Shot Challenge" Minigame
Jecht Shot 2 Jecht Shot, Anti-Venom 2 Tournament Prize

Celestial Weapon[edit | edit source]

Tidus's Caladbolg.

Tidus's Celestial Weapon, Caladbolg, can be found in the Calm Lands. Once the player has completed their chocobo training, they must race the trainer and beat the trainer's time. If the player beats the trainer's time, a man on a slope in the northwest of the Calm Lands will move. If the player beats the trainer's time, but leaves the Calm Lands before obtaining the Caladbolg, the man will again block the path to the weapon. To solve this, player can race the trainer again. The player doesn't have to win this race, just trigger the phrase "You already hold the record".

Down this slope is an altar that, when examined with the Celestial Mirror, grants Tidus the Caladbolg. In the Japanese, German, and Italian versions, the Caladbolg is called Ultima Weapon, in the Spanish it is called Arma Artema (Artema being the name given to the Ultima spell and arma meaning weapon) and is simply called Ultima in the French version.

The Sun Crest is found at a place called The Beyond in Zanarkand Dome after defeating the area's boss. The player must head to the back of The Beyond and descend either the broken flight of stairs in the back or climb the stairs located near at entrance: they will be teleported to another corner of the room, and the chest containing the Sun Crest will now be at the top of the stairs they just descended. In the European, International, and Final Fantasy X HD Remaster versions, if the player does not obtain the Sun Crest immediately after fighting the area's boss, they must defeat Dark Bahamut to get it. The player can reenter the chamber to obtain it after speaking with Auron, but before leaving outside.

To obtain the Sun Sigil, the player must beat the chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands with a time 0:00. This is possible by collecting enough balloons to lower their time to 0:00 upon finishing. The player has to finish the course in under 36 Seconds with a minimum of 13 balloons and only one bird hit to get the required time. In some versions of the game, if the player times 0:00 on the first try, they must beat the time of 0:00 to receive the sigil. In the HD remaster version, scoring exactly 0:00.0 will not earn the sigil. Although it will display as 0:00.0, the "perfect time" is achieved with at least -0.1 seconds.

The Caladbolg deals more damage the closer Tidus is to his max HP, as is tradition with the Ultima Weapon.

The damage modifier formula is:

(10 + [100 * User's current HP ÷ User's Max HP]) ÷ 110

The following table lists are the abilities the Caladbolg will have after the appropriate upgrade is used.

Original Crest Sigil
Double Overdrive
Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Evade & Counter
Magic Counter

Affection level with party members[edit | edit source]

The scene on the airship depends on the player's affection value.

Affection mechanics is a hidden gameplay element that governs certain cutscenes. Tidus's actions with other party members can decide who talks to Tidus in cutscenes and who throws the blitzball during Tidus's Overdrive Blitz Ace. How each character is chosen is based upon a hidden "affection" value in the game's code. All of the main characters (except Tidus) have an affection value. At the beginning of the game, all characters' affection values start at zero, but can be increased whenever Tidus heals a party member, whenever Tidus intercepts an enemy attack intended for another party member using either Guard or Sentinel, and whenever the player speaks first to a party member during times where everyone is spread out across the area. Whenever Tidus attacks another party member, their affection value decreases.

Final Fantasy X-2[edit | edit source]

Boss[edit | edit source]

Tidus fought as a boss.

In the International and HD Remaster versions, Tidus can be fought during the Farplane Cup in the Fiend Arena as a boss.

Party member[edit | edit source]

In the International and HD Remaster versions, Tidus can be recruited as a party member through the Creature Creator system. To recruit Tidus, the player must defeat him in the Farplane Cup in the Fiend Arena and must win the cup after. The abilities Tidus can naturally learn are Spiral Cut, Blitz Ace, and Hastega. Tidus can equip any of the common dresspheres. Like all monster allies, Tidus is controlled by the game's AI.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Sphere Break[edit | edit source]

Tidus Coin
Silver Tidus Coin
Gold Tidus Coin
Coin No. 64 Coin Value 9
Trait Quota x5
Location Win from the Bevelle Core Sphere player in the Luca Stadium.

Perfect ending[edit | edit source]

Tidus will appear in the ending depending on which ending the player gets as well as their completion percentage and the choices made during the game.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Tidus and Yuna reunited in the good ending.

If, after getting the "Chapter 5 Complete" message, the player presses X (Circle in the Japanese version), Tidus will whistle at Yuna while she is crossing the Farplane Glen. If the player missed either talking to Maechen in Chateau Leblanc in Chapter 3, or did not trigger Tidus's whistle at the Farplane when Yuna fell in at the end of Chapter 3, the player gets a scene where Tidus's spirit embraces Yuna, Yuna says that she loves him, and that he will always be a part of her. Tidus's spirit then disperses into pyreflies and disappears.

If the player talked to Maechen in Chateau Leblanc in Chapter 3, got Tidus to whistle four times in the Farplane at the end of Chapter 3, pressing X after the "Chapter 5 Complete" message triggers Tidus's whistle, and Bahamut's fayth appears in the glen asking Yuna if she wants to see Tidus again.

Tidus and Yuna at Zanarkand in the 100% completion ending.

If answered positively, Tidus will reunite with Yuna. If answered negatively, Yuna says Tidus is already with her and walks away. The ending plays as normal, and Tidus does not return, but the player gets an extra scene after the credits where two monkeys sit in the sunset in Zanarkand.

If the player achieves 100% completion, and Yuna tells the fayth she wants to see Tidus again, there is an extra secret ending where Tidus and Yuna travel to Zanarkand together with the reassurance that this time, he won't disappear.

Spoilers end here.

Battle quotes[edit | edit source]

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