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The sun once smiled on this village more than any other. But one day, their crystal's blessing faded. The villagers eagerly awaited their caravan's return; but for them, the crystal would never shine again. It is said that not a single one of them tried to escape. All stood fast waiting for the caravan, hoping to the very end. After hearing that tale, I felt the weight of my burden like never before.

Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles


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Tida or Tida Village (ティダの村, Tida no Mura?) is a necropolis from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles situated on a plateau northeast of Alfitaria. A town in many ways like Tipa on the Tipa Peninsula, Tida had fallen to Miasma. As such, the town is full of the undead as well as scavenger and carrion animals. In its heyday, it was one of the nicest towns in all the land. It fell under the miasma when the crystal caravanners from the town never returned. The townspeople stood fast until the very end, never fighting the miasma and eventually succumbing to it.


Tida is a dark and gloomy town. The first half of the dungeon consists of houses of residents past. The second half is covered with webs created by slimy spores. They block the caravanner's path and can be effectively removed with the use of Fire spells. If the caravanners use Fire, the filmy tendril will grow back twice, if Fira is used, it will only grow back once, and to permanently remove it, the player should cast Firaga. The creatures that inhabit Tida are very ominous and some can inflict Poison; it should be cured with the use of the Clear magicite.

Moogle's Nest[]

The nest is located in the middle of the first half of the stage. It is nestled in the wrecked house behind the hotspot.

Hot Spots[]

There are three different Hot Spot locations in Tida. The first one found is the Wind element. It is located at the dead end of the left path at the beginning of the stage. The second Hot Spot's element is Earth. This Hot Spot can be found in the middle of the first half of the stage. The last Hot Spot's element is also Earth and it can be found at the beginning of the second half of the dungeon.


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  • There was once a rumor that Hurdy was the caravan from Tida that never returned. He had reached Raem with Leon, and had his memories taken. Because of this, Hurdy forgot about his duty and left Tida to be consumed by miasma.
  • One of Layle's weapons in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is called Tida's Phantom, a reference to this town and its state.