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Tiamat is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII, encountered in the Clocktower of Ultimecia Castle. It is arguably the strongest of Ultimecia's eight minions. Tiamat resembles Bahamut and uses a similar move. The Scan description indicates Tiamat was once a Guardian Force who was turned evil under Ultimecia's power.


Battle Edit

Tiamat will elevate higher into the air and begin counting down to its signature move, D-A-R-KF-LA-RE, an upgraded version of Bahamut's Mega Flare that deals heavy damage regardless of the characters' Spirit stat. It is a Fire-elemental attack.

In the game's American and European versions Eden can be drawn from Tiamat if the player did not draw it from Ultima Weapon earlier.

Strategy Edit

Characters can increase their elemental defense against Fire (such as by junctioning Firaga or Flare to Elem-Def) to reduce, nullify or absorb damage from Dark Flare. The battle can be made extremely easy by junctioning the characters to absorb Dark Flare, as Tiamat will be unable to kill the party, Dark Flare being its only attack.

Triple Triad Edit

Tiamat Card
TTTiamat Element None
Refine 1 refines into 10 Flare Stones
Drop N/A
Card Grendel, Hexadragon
Level 7 (Boss Card) Win N/A

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Etymology Edit

Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the ocean in Mesopotamian religion. The game Dungeons & Dragons has Tiamat as a chromatic dragon, the Queen of the Evil Dragons, and as such the opposing deity to Bahamut, who is a platinum dragon and the King of Benevolent Dragons.

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