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The Fiend of Wind, who dominates the heavens from her lofty perch.


Template:See Also Tiamat (ティアマット, Tiamatto?) (Named TIAMAT in the NES version) is the Fiend of Wind from the original Final Fantasy. She appears atop the Flying Fortress as a multi-headed dragon.


Four hundred years ago Tiamat tossed the Lufenian civilization into ruin, with only a village, a single airship, and her personal haunt left standing. With the Wind Crystal under her control, the wind itself began to die down.

As the first to awaken, she is the most powerful of the Four Fiends, and uses several powerful attacks. A younger version of Tiamat appears on the fourth basement of the Chaos Shrine 2000 years in the past, where she is slightly stronger. Once she is defeated she dies again, preventing her from ever journeying to the future and wreaking havoc.


First Battle

FFI Tiamat's Location

Tiamat's location.

Tiamat resists all elemental spells, and generally uses either a strong physical attack to hit for around 250 damage, or two area attacks. The first is Thunderbolt, a Lightning-based attack. Tiamat's other attack is Poison Gas, which, while not as strong as Thunderbolt, may inflict the Poison status.


The most effective magic attacks to use against her are Flare and Break. It is a good idea to cast NulShock. If a party member is poisoned, it is probably a better idea for the party's White Wizard to keep using Healara to cure the physical damage instead of wasting turns using Poisona.

In the NES version, using the spell BANE on Tiamat has an extremely low chance of instantly killing her. In the Dawn of Souls and future remakes, if the player uses a Cockatrice Claw on Tiamat, she will die instantly. She is also susceptible to Poison, so Scourge or Venom Blade will also affect her, dealing an instant kill.

Second Battle

Tiamat is fought again in the Chaos Shrine of the past, along with the other Fiends, so she cannot summon Garland to the past time to form the loop that created Chaos. She has lost her weaknesses and is now more powerful. Using Haste, Saber and Temper to enhance the physical attackers' strength will make short work of Tiamat.




  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, her summon file says she is called the "demonic dragon" and one of the rulers of hell, referring to Tiamat being one of the bosses of Pandaemonium in Final Fantasy II.
  • Even though Tiamat has six heads on her original artwork, she has four heads on the NES/MSX version.
  • Tiamat is a reference to the deity of the same name from Dungeons & Dragons, who is depicted as a villainous, five-headed dragon. Both are named after the ancient monster from Ancient Mesopotamian religion, who is often said to be the mother of dragons.

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