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Tia and Marco.

Tia (ティア, Tia?) and Marco (マーゴ, Māgo?) are minor characters of Vagrant Story, who are said to be Ashley Riot's wife and son. They both were murdered long before the start of the game, and are only seen in flashbacks showing the family's picnic on a windy green-grass hill with a single tree.


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In the beginning of the game, Ashley believes that his family was killed by thieves. However, when Sydney Losstarot digs into Ashley's mind, he discovers that horrible truth. In fact, Ashley was never a member of this family, and these memories are implants created by the VKP to make him a perfect Riskbreaker. Ashley was really the one who killed the family, but his guilt weakened him as a soldier. Jan Rosencrantz, a fellow Riskbreaker, helped implant these memories. He later testifies that this version is the truth during his battle with Ashley.

Just before the final boss, the actual events become more muddled. Ashley has a vision of Tia and Marco, who both accept him as their real father and husband. They tell him to "believe what he knows to be true in his heart". Whether this final vision is trying to say that Rosencrantz was lying, as he often does, is not clear. The game leaves it up to player to decide what is the real truth.

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Tia is a feminine given name from Greek origin, meaning "goddess."

Marco is an Italian male given name derived from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars (Ares in Greek mythology). The name is also popular in English speaking countries as "Mark".