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Scaly beast that shoots lightning bolts.


The Thundrake is a Lightning-elemental dragon in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Possibly the strongest regular monster, its stats surpass those of most other monsters, and it can further boost them with its Dragon Force skill. Eventually it becomes extinct, as there are no Turf Defense missions or clans that they belong to. Hunters and Dragoons will be helpful, as their abilities have bonus effects against Dragons.

Thundrakes are capturable, and so should be a top priority before they go "extinct". This gives Morphers access to its Dragon Force ability along with Bolt Breath. Thundrake abilities can be used with other abilities from Firewyrms and Icedrakes. Due to a Thundrake's naturally superior stats, they can be maxed out easily allowing Morphers to deal blistering damage with Bolt Breath.



Thundrake command. Fire a dragonbolt at foes.

Ability Effect MP
Dragon Force Releases the dragon soul within. All stats improve. 12
Bolt Breath Electrically charged cloud. Deals damage.

Dragon Force is a valuable Blue Magic ability that boosts all stats of one unit. A Beastmaster is required to learn it, as an enemy Thundrake would never use this on a player unit. Thundrake is extremely dangerous if not under control of a Beastmaster and the player should take care that the Blue Mage in question does not get killed by the Thundrake during the learning process.


Ability Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.



Mission Information
Mission #011: Pale Company Adrammelech summons a Dragon of each element to assist him. The Thundrake flanks the Totema on the right. However, this Thundrake does not use Dragon Force.
Mission #079: Wind Sigil The Thundrake here is the Redwing of Wind, Tiamat. He commands three Mog Knights.
Mission #034: Magewyrm Gerland the Magewyrm is a powerful Thundrake that like to use "Dragon Force" to boost the stats of its two Dragon underlings.
Mission #066: A Dragon's Aid A Dragon of each element helps out the two Dragoons in this mission.
Mission #102: Wyrms Awaken Five Dragons intercept the party in this mission, and any one of them may be placed right next to the starting block.
Mission #031: Ruby Red An Icedrake and Thundrake are controlled by the Beastmaster who has stolen the Wyrmstone.
Mission #022: To Ambervale This mission involves some of the most difficult monsters, including a Thundrake.
Mission #088: The Worldwyrm The final Thundrake is Ogma the Worldwyrm. A level 46 Thundrake, his HP level is above 500, and he can easily KO weaker mages in one hit. Extreme caution must be taken when dealing with this powerful Dragon.