FFIX wiki icon The Thunder Slash glitch involves the skill Thunder Slash in Final Fantasy IX. Thunder Slash's base accuracy is set to 0 with a Gravity magic-type effect and as a result, Thunder Slash is almost completely worthless. Though Final fantasy IX has seen various re-releases, the glitch has never been fixed.

If the magic and level of Steiner (or Beatrix) are high enough compared to the target's level, the skill has a chance to hit, as the hit rate formula is Magic / 4 + Level - TargetLevel.

There is a second check after this for the target's magic evasion.

There has been various speculation on the bug's origin. A prevailing theory is that Thunder Slash has been given an incorrect Effect code that causes it to deal fractional damage over weapon-based damage, thus instead of using the weapon's Accuracy value, it must use its own Accuracy value, which is 0%. It is possible that Thunder Slash was not supposed to deal fractional damage (19% of the target's max HP), but rather, do x1.9 of normal damage with an added Lightning element.[1]


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