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Causes Thunder damage to the enemy.


Thunder Slash is a Swd Art and a Seiken in Final Fantasy IX used by Steiner and Beatrix to damage one enemy with fractional Thunder-elemental damage at the cost of 24 MP. It is bugged and nearly never connects when used via Swd Art or Seiken; boss Beatrix's version is the only one that works. Though Final Fantasy IX has been re-released and remastered, the Thunder Slash bug has not been fixed.


Thunder Slash is learned for 30 AP from the Defender and the Ragnarok. Defender is Steiner's ultimate regular sword, bought from Bran Bal and Daguerreo after visiting Bran Bal. Ragnarok is Steiner's second-best knight sword, which could also be considered his ultimate knight sword as the Excalibur II, though powerful, is more of a trophy item as it is only viable to obtain in a challenge run. Ragnarok is found in Chocograph 21, Outer Island ChocographLoc21, excavated from Chocobo's Air Garden. The earliest the player could get it is after the party has the Hilda Garde III.


Thunder Slash is programmed to do 19% of the enemy's maximum HP as Thunder damage to it, but due to a glitch, it will nigh always miss. Due to being a fractional damage ability, it would always miss on bosses, even if the ability did not have inherent accuracy rating of 0%. The damage could be enhanced by Steiner wearing Thunder Gloves, or the enemy being weak to Thunder damage, to 28% of the enemy's maximum HP With both effects stacking, Thunder Slash should do 42% of the enemy's maximum health as Thunder damage to it.


Thunder Slash is useless due to it having Accuracy rating of 0%. To deal Thunder damage to enemies, Steiner should instead team up with Vivi and use Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga Sword via Swd Mag. He can still enhance this with the Thunder Gloves, and target an enemy's weakness. Thundaga Sword becomes available around the time Thunder Slash could be learned the earliest, as well, and costs only slightly more MP.

Boss Beatrix uses Thunder Slash against the party.

Beatrix also has Thunder Slash when she is fought as a boss, using it against the party. When she uses it as a boss, the ability deals moderate Thunder damage to a target. When she is briefly playable as a guest character during the Battle of Alexandria, she has Thunder Slash in her Seiken, but it is now broken like Steiner's Thunder Slash.