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Ramuh, Lord of Levin.
"Thunder Rolls"

"Thunder Rolls" (雷光雷鳴 〜蛮神ラムウ討滅戦〜, Raikō Raimei ~Banshin Ramū Tōmetsusen~?, lit. Thunder Rolls ~Savage God Ramuh Showdown~) is a boss theme from Final Fantasy XIV for the primal Ramuh, Lord of Levin.

It was composed by Masayoshi Soken, with the lyrics written by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox and the vocals provided by Akane Ikeya.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

This song plays during the confrontation with Ramuh at The Striking Tree (Hard) and The Striking Tree (Extreme).

It is the 23rd track in Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

"Twice Stricken" in Eden's Verse: Fulmination

A new arrangement of "Thunder Rolls", referenced ingame as "Twice Stricken", plays in Eden's Verse: Fulmination.


A full transcript of the lyrics were posted on the Final Fantasy XIV Developer's Blog on July 11, 2014.

The first stanza is written in Old High Sylphic, with an adapted Eorzean translation to the right

Ula menida tula oh (Hoary Arbor, Lord of Light)
Tela omnida tula ei (Thine advent quelleth creeping night)
Ona ramuhda deme os (The wicked burn, their pyres bright)
Nola tulama tela ei (Smote by Levin's blinding might)
Soul without a name, heed my call
Sin doth stain the hearts of us all
The worm hath burrowed deep and hath grown
Soon he too shall reap what is sown
Step into the storm, know its mercy
Let the wind and the rain crash down over thee
Lightning bright, thunder bold
Guiding us forevermore
Soul fallen from grace, ware thee well
Judgment thou must face, thine own hell
The worm stirreth within, black as night
Breeding deeper sin, foul its blight
Soul, thine end is nigh. Take mine hand
All life must return to the land
Lingered hath the worm, overlong
Purge thy flesh of fear and be strong
Step in from the storm, praise its mercy
Let the sting of the rain ne'er stray far from thee
Lightning bright, thunder bold
Freeing us forevermore
Now lift thine heavy head and vanquish thy sorrow
Lightning doth strike
Thunder doth roll
Now turn thy gaze ahead and look to the morrow
Lightning shall strike
Thunder shall roll on