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Thundaga III is lightning-elemental Black Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI. It is the third and final tier of the Black Mage's area-of-effect Thundaga spells. The spell deals lightning damage to targets.


The spell may only be learned from a scroll of Thundaga III, which can be purchased from the merchant Susu in Lower Jeuno for 31,681 gil. In addition, it can also be purchased from the player Auction House under the Black Magic category.

Scrolls also drop off of high level Magic Pot enemies and the Mysticmaker Profblix notorious monster. Additionally, the scroll can be a possible reward from the Infernal Swarm, Come Into My Parlor, and E-vase-ive Action battlefields.


Thundaga III is an upgraded version of the original Black Magic Thunder spell. It may be learned by Black Mages at level 73. When cast, it will deal significant Lightning-based elemental damage to all enemies in the targeted area for 332 MP. It takes 7 seconds to cast and can be recast every 25 seconds.