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Scrolls and Shurikens' artwork from Final Fantasy VI.

Throwing items are items designed to be used specifically through the recurring Throw ability, usually a trademark of the Ninja job. Throwing items include ninja stars, or shuriken, and ninja scrolls, which may unleash effects similar to Ninjutsu.


Final Fantasy III[]

Even though it is classified as a weapon, the Shuriken can only be equipped by Ninjas, and is consumed when used for an attack.

In the 3D versions, the Shuriken cannot be equipped, and can only be thrown by Ninja.

Final Fantasy IV[]

There are several shuriken items reserved for Edge Geraldine's Throw ability, which can't be equipped by characters or used as items.

List of throwing items:

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

In this interlude sequel, Edge Geraldine has access to a smaller number of throw-exclusive items.

List of throwing items:

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Edge returns with his ability to throw weapons at foes, but Gekkou's Shuriken ability can only be used with throwing items.

List of throwing weapons:

Final Fantasy V[]

Throwing items can be thrown by Ninjas with the Throw command. Shurikens deal damage based on Strength and Agility and is further multiplied by 2. Scrolls deal damage based on Magic.

List of throwing items:

Final Fantasy VI[]

Shadow and later Gogo are the only character capable of using throwing items, and only via the Throw command.

List of throwing items:

Final Fantasy IX[]

Amarant uses throwing items via the Throw command.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Ninja or any other unit with the Throw command can throw a variety of shurikens and bombs. They are sold at all Outfitters except places that have a castle.

List of bombs:

List of shurikens: