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Throw, in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Toss weapons at enemies. Scrolls and shurikens can be thrown as well.

Final Fantasy V description

Throw (投げる、なげる, Nageru?), also known as Dart, is a command ability in various games in the Final Fantasy series. Throw involves throwing various weapons and special throwing items at the opponent. Throwing something is usually more powerful than using it, however, thrown items disappear from the inventory. Throw is usually used by the Ninja class.


Final Fantasy III[]

In the 3D remake, the Ninja has access to the Throw command, which allows the user to throw any compatible weapon for major damage, including special items such as Shuriken which no longer have to be equipped.

The damage formula is:

With Random No. being anywhere between 1.0 and 1.8.

The hit rate is:

Final Fantasy IV[]

Edge using Throw (PSP).

Throw (Dart on the SNES) lets Edge throw swords, holy swords, spears, katanas, daggers, axes, and shurikens at his opponents. It has a Charge Time of 0.

The damage formula is:

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Throw is an exclusive ability learned by Edge. It allows Edge to throws various items at opponents.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Edge using Throw (PSP).

Throw a weapon to cause damage.


Throw allows the player to throw an item from their inventory at the target. It has a Charge Time of 0. It can be used Edge.

Gekkou has a similar command under the name Shuriken, with the limitation that only shuriken may be used. In addition, Luca has a variation, Big Throw, which lets her toss her current weapon at the foe.

Final Fantasy V[]

FFV Throw Icon iOS.png

Throw is the main command of the Ninja learned at level 4 for 150 ABP. Weapons and Stars can be thrown. For the first time, Scrolls deal magical damage, rather than physical damage.

The formula is:

Final Fantasy VI[]

Shadow can throw a variety of weapons, allowing the player to dispose of weapons they no longer use. The more common use of Throw is to throw shurikens and scrolls, both specific to the Throw command, which can be purchased in high quantities and then used by Shadow in battle. These allow Shadow to deal considerably higher damage than he could with normal attacks, and with scrolls, allow him to deal magic damage.

Thrown items are unblockable and ignore defense. The attack power of a throw is that of the weapon being thrown. Gogo can use the Throw command, but only if the player waits for Shadow on the Floating Continent, because Gogo can only equip battle commands of the current party members.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Equipping the Throw Materia allows characters to throw weapons, and it also contains the Coin ability. The Materia is found on Yuffie when she joins and can later be bought in Rocket Town and Fort Condor during the Huge Materia quest for 10,000 gil. All weapons can be thrown, aside from Cloud's Buster Sword, Barret's Gatling Gun, Tifa's gloves, and Red XIII's hairpins.

Throw is also an enemy ability, used by Mystery Ninja. It allows the user to escape from battle.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Amarant can throw weapons, Pinwheels, Rising Suns, and Wing Edges to deal physical damage to one enemy. Damage is based on the weapon's attack stat, and Amarant's Strength and Level.

Throw will do minuscule damage if Amarant is in Mini status, and half damage if hitting a target with the Protect status. The bonus will be 50% greater if the target is an aerial enemy, or if Amarant is equipped with the Power Throw ability. If Amarant equips Healer, damage is converted to healing. Thrown weapons never do elemental damage even if the weapon itself is elemental.

Final Fantasy XI[]

Several jobs can use various throwing weapons (darts, boomerangs, etc.), with Ninjas having the highest skill rating (and only job that can throw shurikens). They're not as useful for damage as archery or marksmanship as there are no weaponskills for throwing items. For this reason, the returning boomerangs/chakrams are mostly used only for pulling enemies.

Some throwing items, such as the Bomb Core or Phantom Tathlum, are not actually meant to be thrown; they are equipped for stat bonuses. Most of these were disabled from being used as a ranged attack in a patch (to prevent accidentally throwing them).

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Within the Adventuring foray Bozjan Southern Front is a lost action called Lost Fair Trade. allowing players to turn their holstered actions into physical damage by throwing it at an enemy. The potency can be increased based off of the weight of the holstered action up to 1,000. Each ability use removes one item randomly from the holster

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Ninja job command. Attack by throwing weapons from the party inventory.


Ninjas can learn to throw individual types of weapons except rods, staves, bows, crossbows or guns. There is also an reaction ability, Sticky Fingers, can be learned from Thief class that allows the unit to catch weapons thrown by the opponents; this is the only way to acquire multiple copies of certain weapons, including the rare ones.

Since the item inventory of the AI enemy side is unlimited, they can throw as much items as possible. The exact item to be thrown by the AI is determined by the throwing abilities they have learned and the priority of throwing weapon based on the AI unit's current level. If the enemy AI unit knows to throw Shuriken and/or Bomb, the result will be randomized with other learned throwing weapon abilities.

For example, at level 98 and 99, the priority of throwing weapon is (from highest to lowest), Chaos Blade, Javelin II, Whale Whisker, Koga Blade, Chirijiraden, Materia Blade, Madlemgen, Zwill Straightblade, Scorpion Tail and Slasher.

If the player wants to catch Chirijiraden from the AI, the target must be at least level 96, can throw katana, must have not learned Knight Sword, Polearm, Ninja Blade and Pole, preferably without Shuriken and Bomb. Also the one who catches the thrown weapon should have high, but not 100%, Bravery to increase the success rate of catching (AI does not perform action that must fail), immobilize the one who throws so the throwing skill is the AI's only viable action.

The damage formula is:

The range of Throw is equal to the user's Move range.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Throw stocked item to deal damage.


Ninjas can throw weapons from the inventory. Jugglers can also throw weapons at the opponent using the Hurl A-ability. Throw is rather weak, but it can damage from range. Throw does a normal 100% damage Magic Power-based attack, using [1.5 * Weapon Power] as the Power of the attack.

Hurl does a normal 100% Damage MPow-based attack, using [Rand{256..512} * Weapon Power / 256] as the Power of the attack. The predicted value assumes 100% Weapon Power, but the actual damage can use anywhere from 100% to 200% of the Weapon Power.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Throw is an ability of the Ninja, learned for 100 AP from the Kunai and having a range of 4.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Throws a weapon at an enemy. Thrown weapons disappear.


Throw is the level 11 ability of the Ninja class, requiring 265 AP to learn. It requires 1 slot to equip and use, and will allow the user to throw a weapon from their inventory for damage.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Throw makes a small appearance in Onion Knight's EX Burst, where Onion Knight (as a Ninja) must use the Throw command to select Shuriken from a list of weapons, which he throws at the opponent, to successfully execute his EX Burst.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

Throw is the ability of the Ninja class, which can throw one of four items; the Windmill, Kitchen Knife, Dagger, and Molotov Cocktail.

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Allow use of throwable items.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

One of Shadow's cards has an ability that mirrors the effect of Throw. For the payment of one Light CP, the player can discard a Weapon card from their hand to deal 3000 damage to a chosen Forward times the cost of the discarded weapon.

A card depicting Refia as a Ninja has a similar ability to Shadow's Throw. For the cost of a Wind CP, the player can discard a card and deal 2000 damage to a chosen Forward.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely series[]

In Bravely Second: End Layer, Weapon Toss is the job level 4 command ability for the Charioteer. It allows the user to throw a weapon of choice at the target. The damage dealt will depend on the attack rating of the weapon.

A stronger version, Wild Toss (乱れなげ, Midare Nage?, lit. Rapid Throw), is the job level 7 command ability for the Charioteer. It allows the user to throw a weapon of choice at all foes. Weapons may be recovered after battle, or by using the Retrieve Weapon ability.