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Throw is Yuffie's unique ability in "Episode INTERmission" of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. It causes Yuffie to throw her currently equipped shuriken at a target where it will remain for a duration, dealing passive damage, or until withdrawn using Retrieve (回収, Kaishū?) or the ranged Windstorm. While thrown, all of Yuffie's subsequent basic attacks become ranged magic attacks (that can be imbued with an element using Elemental Ninjutsu) against the target. Using Retrieve causes her to leap towards and grab the shuriken, damaging enemies in its vicinity.

Though it shares its name with an ability from Final Fantasy VII, it has no connection and functions very differently.


By default, all of Yuffie's attacks are melee, and can deal area-of-effect damage that attack multiple enemies in close quarters. Using Throw makes her attacks ranged, magical, and focused on a single target, allowing her to be evasive. Ordinarily, Throw and Retrieve are used tactically during battle: using Throw when Yuffie needs to evade and kite around a larger opponent, and using melee attacks against clusters of enemies in close range.

Retrieve causes Yuffie to obtain her shuriken by leaping towards it, and damages enemies as she does so. This means that Throw and Retrieve can instead be used for easy maneuverability. By using Throw at a group of enemies and then Retrieve, Yuffie can easily close the gap between them and reach them to deal melee damage quickly, allowing her to hop around a battlefield. This can be used offensively as well as defensively, as Yuffie can use Throw and Retrieve to jump to a less dangerous group of enemies from a more challenging group. The Throw-Retrieve combo is somewhat reminiscent of warp-strike from Final Fantasy XV, and can also be used for damage; e.g. in the Shinra Box Buster, when the player is against a big box but lacks the ATB to use an ability, they can use Throw-Retrieve on it on repeat and it will break much faster than when using Yuffie's normal attack with either melee or ninjutsu.

Throw is also used in tandem with Elemental Ninjutsu. Selecting an element causes all attacks from a Thrown shuriken to be imbued with an element. Though this does not entirely negate the utility of an Elemental Materia Elemental Materia, it grants Yuffie a powerful tool in combat to take advantage of foes' elemental weaknesses when using ranged attacks. Art of War and close-range Windstorm allow Yuffie to indefinitely stay in the ninjutsu damage type without her shuriken returning.

When Yuffie's weapon is thrown, her Windstorm is long-ranged, and "detonates" on whatever target her weapon is currently stuck in, also returning the weapon to Yuffie without needing to use Retrieve. When Yuffie's weapon is thrown, she cannot guard, which makes Brumal Form useful at this stage. The DLC weapon File:Cacstar from FFVII Remake icon.png Cacstar has an ability called Cactuar Caper that works similarly to Throw, but jumps around attacking multiple enemies rather than sticking to one target.

Outside of combat, the Throw command is occasionally used on the field to interact with the environment.