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Equips "Throw" command


Single slot. Throw is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide abilities that throw items to deal damage. These are the basic Throw command, which can throw a weapon to hit one enemy, as well as Coin, which can throw gil to hit all enemies. Unlike many Command Materia, both of Throw's commands can be used by a player with the Materia equipped.


When Yuffie joins the party, she has Throw automatically equipped. It can also be purchased for 10,000 gil at Fort Condor or Rocket Town after the player has the Highwind.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Throw
2 45000 Coin
3 60000 MASTER


Ability Effect
Throw Open Throw sub-menu to throw an item. Long range.
Coin Open sub-menu to select Gil amount. Inflict damage based on Gil amount on all enemies. Damage based on a tenth of Gil spent, divided equally among enemies. Long range.



The Throw Materia adds the ability Throw at level 1, which allows the player to throw a weapon and hit one enemy. At level 2, it adds the ability Coin to the same slot, which hits all enemies while expending gil. The abilities alternate in the menu in real-time, and the player must select the one they want when it is showing. Both abilities can deal a solid amount of damage, but are also reliant on the player's inventory, meaning it can be potentially expensive to use. It is thus niche and best used once the player has acquired a larger amount of gil than they know what to do with.

The Materia grants a small +1 to Vitality, which along with the equipped armor, determines the character's resistance to physical damage. This is a small change that can benefit any character, meaning that if the player is undecided on who to give the Materia to, they can simply give it to a character with a slot available.

The Throw ability's damage is based on the power of the weapon being thrown, along with the character's Strength. This means that characters with a higher Strength stat benefit from it most, which include Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Cid. Coin, however, is based on the amount of gil being thrown. As Coin is much more useful later on, the Materia works well with any character irrespective of their stats.

Throw can be combined with a few Support Materia which provide benefits. However, as the use cases for Throw are rare, they are better paired with other Materia.