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Absorbs magic and turns it into MP. Runic remains active until a spell is absorbed or another battle command is given.

Advanced Battle Tactics, Adventuring School

Throw is Shadow's special command in Final Fantasy VI. It allows Shadow to throw a variety of weapons at a target, dealing heavy physical damage. Thrown weapons ignore Defense and are unblockable. Most notably, both shurikens and scrolls, exclusive to the Throw command, can be used to deal considerable damage, greater than Shadow could deal with normal attacks.

Throw can also be equipped by Gogo in Gogo's ability menu.


Compatible Throw weapons are: daggers (except Valiant Knife), swords (except Ultima Weapon), spears, ninja daggers, katanas, rods (except for the Flame Rod, Ice Rod, and Thunder Rod), throwing weapons (including boomerangs and chakrams), and Gambler's items (except for the Dice and Fixed Dice), shurikens, and scrolls.

If the thrown weapon has an elemental property, it will be thrown as an attack of that element. Most thrown weapons rely on Shadow's Strength, but the scrolls rely on his Magic Power.

If the player decides to throw the Healing Rod, it will target the thrower by default.

Monsters do not have the Throw command, but are assigned specific weapons to throw. If the monster would have the Throw command within their AI script, the only thing they would throw would be the default weapon, which happens to be the Dagger.


Throw will deal much greater damage than normal physical attacks as it ignores Defense and cannot be blocked by enemies. It is a ranged attack, dealing the same damage from the back row. Throw can be a useful way to dispose of weapons in the player's inventory that are no longer in use, especially ones with a low sell price. However, players should be cautious about using Throw this way, as they will want to avoid discarding certain weapons, and gil should be saved for the Auction House.

The most common and most effective way to use Throw is to throw shurikens. Buying 99 of the basic Shuriken is sufficient, as this will deal considerable physical damage to enemies, and is relatively cost-efficient. Though the stronger Fuma Shuriken will deal greater damage, it is considerably costlier, and players should only consider this when gil is no longer an obstacle. Pinwheel is the most powerful type of shuriken, but is much rarer, and should be saved for particularly dangerous bosses (such as the eight legendary dragons) if the player is taking Shadow to them.

Another useful way to use Throw is to throw scrolls, which deal magic damage, hit all enemies, and can be used to target elemental weaknesses. Flame Scroll, Water Scroll, and Lightning Scroll can be used in a tricky situation, or against enemies and bosses weak to the element. The only downsides are that these scrolls are costly, and magic spells can achieve a similar effect, meaning these scrolls should be thrown rarely.

The Invisibility Scroll and Shadow Scroll grant support effects instead of dealing damage, and both statuses allow Shadow to dodge physical attacks. However, Shadow's impressive Evasion stat is already sufficient, and both statuses can be provided by spells, meaning these scrolls will rarely see use.

Throw is good against enemies with extreme evasion, like Cactuars and Movers.