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Toss weapons at enemies. Scrolls and shuriken can be thrown as well.


Throw is a Ninja command ability in Final Fantasy V. It allows the user to throw weapons and some items, namely shurikens and elemental scrolls. The ability is the Ninja's innate command, and can be used by other jobs after reaching job level 4.


Throw is innate to Ninjas, and will be granted to any character equipping the job. Upon reaching job level 4, for a total of 240 AP (150 AP from job level 3), any job can equip the ability.


The formula is:

The damage is the same from back row.

Shurikens deal damage based on Strength and Agility, and is further multiplied by 2. Scrolls deal damage based on Magic. Mimicking Throw does not consume another item, but still results in the same outcome.


Throw provides an alternative to selling outdated weapons, by allowing the player to throw them at a boss for potentially high damage. Throwing shurikens is simply the equivalent of a more powerful physical attack. Throwing scrolls provides the ability to deal elemental damage, and to hit all enemies. This can provide the job more utility in this regard. Throwing scrolls can be more powerful than summoning or black magic, but consumes items (and thus indirectly gil) over MP, and the Ninja doesn't have access to empowering elemental damage.

However, a Ninja's strength lies is their dual-wielding trait, meaning they will likely be more useful using their Attack command most of the time.

One good use of Throw is with Water Scrolls on the Sandworm and Archeoaevis.