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Through the Backstreets, Avoid the Turk, and Around the Gate are quests in Chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in the Sector 5 Slums. Having reached the Sector 5 Slums, Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough spot one of the Turks, and choose to avoid him by going through the backstreets.


Follow the narrow path through the streets to reach the scrapyard. Several wererats are fought here, which can be easily dispatched with character abilities. Further down, gorgers appear, which are similar in strength, and a fork in the road is reached. The right path leads to a dead-end, while the other path progresses onward. Before veering left, keep rightward on this path to find a fence gate, which Aerith will stand by, and pull the lever to find it is inoperable. This opens the discovery sidequest, "The Gate Won't Open", and advances the main quest.

Crossing the monkey bars.

Aerith will run over to the side of a Shinra crate. Approach the gate and hold Triangle to move it, opening a path forward. Proceed down this path, and several hedgehog pies will attack. These are slightly more durable, but can be dispatched easily with Blizzard Blizzard or Blizzara Blizzara. Defeat them and climb the ladder to proceed. Instead of going left to progress the story, go right and across the monkey bars for a chest with a caliginous bracelet. Follow the linear path around until more gorgers and hedgehog pies appear, which can be dispatched with the normal method. There is a fork in the road, with a ramp left leading upwards where boxes can be broken, stairs up to the right to a locked gate, and a straight path right to proceed by opening a gate.

After heading through the gate, advance to find a smogger, a durable enemy with strong physical attacks if not avoided, who is weak to Lightning Lightning. Aerith can stand back and attack it from a safe distance, while Cloud can engage it under Punisher Mode to deal heavy damage and stagger it. After it is destroyed, "The Gate Won't Open" can be completed by using a ladder on the right, while the path continues south.

After pulling a lever for a gate on the south, the gate is locked. After turning around, two ladders are used to progress. The ladder on the right has a large crate that Cloud should move, and the left ladder leads up further to a path across, where Cloud can move across the wall if the crate was moved previously, giving him a path across and to the other side to allow Aerith through. Head down the path south for a fork in the road; the path left leads to a locked door that cannot be accessed yet (until "The Mysterious Moogle Merchant"), while the path south proceeds forward.

After heading down the path, the two arrive on the Station Way road. Proceed down south (as the path up on the right cannot be used at the moment) to the Sector 5 Slums Center District, leading to "Sector 5 Slums Monitor".

Hard mode tips[]

Though the enemies are more durable than before, many of them are defeated using the same tactics. Cloud and Aerith can equip Ice Materia Ice Materia against most enemies. Cloud can pair this with Elemental Materia Elemental Materia, while Aerith can cast low-level spells, which should still be strong due to her Magic Magic, and since her MP-regeneration is strong, she can afford to do this.