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Use Full Throttle skills.

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Throttle (斬騎剣術, Zanki Kenjutsu?, lit. Slash Cavalry Sword Arts) is a command in Final Fantasy X-2 mainly associated with Paine's Full Throttle dressphere.

List of abilities[]

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Aestus Initial Deal fire damage to one enemy. None FFX-2 Aestus.png
Winterkill Initial Deal ice damage to one enemy. None FFX-2 Winterkill.png
Levin Initial Deal lightning damage one enemy. None FFX-2 Levin.png
Whelmen Initial Deal water damage to one enemy. None FFX-2 Whelmen.png
Wisenen 10 Reduce one enemy's HP by 3/4. None FFX-2 Wisenen.png
Fiers 20 10 Deal critical damage to one enemy. Wisenen FFX-2 Fiers.png
Deeth 20 Instantly defeat one enemy. Sometimes fails. Fiers FFX-2 Deeth.png
Assoil 20 Deal holy damage to one enemy. None FFX-2 Assoil.png

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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A throttle is the mechanism by which fluid flow is managed by constriction or obstruction. An engine's power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases (i.e., by the use of a throttle), but usually decreased. The term throttle has come to refer, informally and incorrectly, to any mechanism by which the power or speed of an engine is regulated.