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Thropp (スロップ, Suroppu?) is a minor character in the novel Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story.



Thropp is an overweight young man with uncut shaggy hair.


Thropp is described as lazy and bored. Elena seems to despise him, because his neglected appearance and laziness symbolize the current and poor state of the Shinra Company. Despite that he stated he was in the Army before Meteorfall.


Because of the endemic nature of Geostigma, Elena works with a different medical team trying to find a cure. When an experimental medication is ultimated (sadly it worked just as a painkiller) Reno hires Thropp as a guard.

Thropp helps Fabio Brown to steal the medicine for his little brother, Vits, but he is captured by Elena. After being interrogated by Tseng, fearing for his life, he gives Fabio's address in Edge.

When Evan and Kyrie are brought to Healen Lodge, Thropp is freed by Fabio, Doyle and Keough. Thanks to Evan's bargain for Rufus Shinra's life, the group escaped from Healen with a Shinra truck.