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The Three Scenarios refers to a gameplay feature and event in Final Fantasy VI. Partway through the game, the playable cast is divided among three locations, and the player is given the opportunity to play through each portion in any order. Upon completing the three scenarios, the story progresses to the Battle for the Frozen Esper at Narshe, as the three parties reunite and defend the town from Kefka.


After defeating Ultros on the Lethe River, a narration reminds the player of the state of their party members. Then, using Mog as the controlled character, the player can move to one of the three groups and speak to them to begin their scenario. Once their scenario is complete, the player returns to this screen with the remaining parties.


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Follow the Empire's invasion of South Figaro and occupation of the town, Locke was sent to infiltrate the town and sabotage the Empire to buy the Returners time to evacuate their hideout in the Sabre Mountains. Terra, Edgar, Sabin, and the Returners' leader Banon, flee the hideout on a raft down the Lethe River to Narshe. Along the way they are attacked by Ultros, and in the aftermath of the fight Sabin is knocked off the raft and washes down a branching part of the river.

Locke's scenario[]


Locke has worked hard to stymie the efforts of the Imperial troops in South Figaro. But now he desperately needs to escape...


The scenario begins as Locke decides he has done enough to sabotage the Empire and must escape town and rendezvous with the party at Narshe. By stealing disguises from Cadets and Merchants, Locke can earn the trust of the Imperial soldiers and the townsfolk to be permitted in different parts of town.

While sneaking out through a secret passage under the town, Locke finds Celes, a former Imperial general that is being held prisoner for treason. Locke frees her and the two travel to the South Figaro Cave, where they are attacked by an Imperial Magitek machine, Tunnel Armor.

The scenario ends once the Tunnel Armor is defeated, and Locke and Celes continue to Narshe.

Banon's scenario[]

Terra, Banon, and Edgar.

Fleeing the Empire's troops, Banon, Edgar, and Terra ride the rapids toward Narshe. But the going won't be easy...


Terra, Edgar and Banon continue rafting down the Lethe River after the battle with Ultros. The three wash up on the shores near Narshe, but the town guards recognize Terra as having been part of an Imperial raid on the town, and don't believe Edgar is the king of Figaro Castle, and thus refuse the party entry.

Terra remembers a hidden passage through the mines that Locke used to escape town with her before, and the party finds the entrance and use it to sneak into town and meet Arvis, and make arrangements to meet with the Elder of Narshe to try and convince him to support the Returners.

The scenario ends when the party enters the living room of Arvis's house.

Sabin's scenario[]


What dire fate has befallen Sabin, who leapt from the raft after the fight with Ultros...?


Sabin washes up far to the east near a lone house. A wandering ninja and mercenary, Shadow, is at the home and warns Sabin that the Empire has set up a camp near Doma Castle in preparation for a siege. Shadow warns him that the only way to Narshe is through Doma, and agrees to accompany him.

Sabin and Shadow infiltrate the camp, under the command of General Leo, as the Siege of Doma begins. After the retainer of Doma, Cyan, repels the first attack, Kefka plots to poison Doma's water supply as Leo is called away. Sabin and Shadow fail to stop him and the people of Doma are decimated. Cyan, grieving for his wife and son, attacks the camp and Sabin and Shadow join forces with him. The three fight their way out and flee south to the Phantom Forest, and unwittingly board the Phantom Train. The three make their way to the engine and battle it, convincing the sapient locomotive to let them leave.

The three reach Baren Falls and intend to jump off to reach the Veldt, but Shadow refuses to come and leaves. Sabin and Cyan leap off and wash up on the Veldt where they see a wild child named Gau. The two earn Gau's trust and he reveals he has stolen a diving helmet from the village of Mobliz that could be used to breathe underwater. Using the helmet, the three swim through the Serpent Trench to the port town of Nikeah, where they board a ship to South Figaro.

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Behind the scenes[]

Mog's stats.

The Mog controlled during the scenario is not the same Mog that joins the party—he has different stats, no equipment, and no battle commands.

An unused dialogue box prompts the player to choose one of the three scenarios, implying that this may have been how the scenarios were played through before being changed to the system involving Mog as a proxy.