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Thorns of the Rose was a continuous quick-play Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Players participated with the heroes of the Wild Rose Rebellion as they took on the thorny task of releasing the world from Palamecia's wicked grasp.

Revenge Event debut[]

In the global release, Thorns of the Rose became the first event reformatted for the Revenge Event class. Revenge Events pit the player against four selected bosses from the earlier event at higher difficulty than the original. A Jump Start Battle for The Torch Burns On was also added with the Revenge issue.


  • This was the first event to issue a very large number of characters in one sitting, at nine total. The largest release prior to this event was Consorting with Sky Pirates, with six characters released at the same time.
  • This is the second event to issue the entire playable cast of a game, after Consorting with Sky Pirates.