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Takes enemy's items away and evades attacks

The Thief is available to humes and moogles as a basic job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Thieves are one of the most useful jobs because of their ability to steal any piece of equipment, or even JP and abilities. To take full advantage of this players can examine every piece of equipment the opponents have before starting an engagement. Thieves are balanced with favorable stats, but it is best to do not rely on their growth too much. Ninjas and Hunters have better stat growth and can therefore benefit from the Thief's abilities.



Hume Thieves have average stat growth. They have balanced but mediocre stats all around, with the only notable exception being their slightly elevated Speed. One should refrain from leveling up as a Thief, as there are better options for stat growth.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
6.6 C 1.1 E 7.6 C+ 7.6 C+ 7.6 C+ 6.4 D+ 1.8 A-


The moogle Thief is balanced but mediocre, similar to the hume Thief. Their only exceptional stat is their speed, which is the highest out of all moogle classes. One should refrain from leveling up as a Thief, as there are better options for stat growth.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
5.8 D 2.2 D 7.3 C- 8.4 B 6.8 D+ 7.6 C 1.9 A+



Thief command. Steal with nimble hands.
Skill Equipment AP Range
Steal: Armor Rondell Dagger 300 1
Steals armor worn by enemy.
Steal: Shield Scramasax 200 1
Steals shield held by enemy.
Steal: Access. Jambiya 300 1
Steals accessory worn by enemy.
Boots cannot be stolen.
Steal: Helm Kard 300 1
Steals helmet or headwear worn by enemy.
Steal: Weapon Sword Breaker 300 1
Steals weapon held by enemy.
Steal: Gil Jack Knife 100 1
Steals gil from enemy.
Steal: EXP Khukuri 100 1
Steals experience points from enemy.
Steal: JP Orichalcum 200 1
Steals judge points from enemy.
Steal: Ability Cinquedea 300 1
Steals enemy's A-ability for your use.
The ability must be mastered and able to be learned by any job. Reaction and Support abilities cannot be stolen. Success rate is low.

Steal: Gil steals a predicted amount of gil equal to the caster's Max HP. The actual amount of gil stolen varies as such:

$ Gil Stolen = [Rand{128..384} * Caster's Max HP / 256] $


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Counter Brigandine Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Maintenance Adaman Vest Ensures equipped items are not stolen or destroyed. 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Thief Combo Mythril Knife Failproof combo ability for thieves. 100

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Thief TCG

Moogle Thief appears with a wind-elemental card.


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  • Thief is the only class whose Evade differs depending on race, with moogles having 5 more base evasion than humes.
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