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Warriors who can steal anything from anyone. Their skill is legendary.


Thief is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is one of the fastest jobs, second to Ninja, with the ability to move further than other jobs on their turn and has a high Evasion rate. It is the only regular class capable of stealing, ranging from gil to pieces of equipment and even experience. It can also unlock the ability to poach monsters, converting them into items found in the Poacher's Den. The job takes 4,520 JP to master.

Leveling Thief to Level 4 will unlock the Dragoon in the War of the Lions, while leveling it to level 5 along with separate level requirements for Archer and Geomancer will unlock Ninja. The level requirements are a little lower in the original PlayStation release.


Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
WotL(War of the Lions): Lv. 3 Archer
PlayStation: Lv. 2 Archer
Knives Hats Clothes No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
4 4 9 25% Medium Low Medium Low



Thief job command. Allows a unit to steal gil, items, and even non-material things.

Name Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Steal Gil
(Gil Taking)
1 1 Now 10
Pilfer gil from the target.
Amount: Level x Speed
Success Rate: 200 + Speed
Steal Heart 3 1 Now 150
Capture the target's heart, enthralling them.
Effect: Charm.
Success Rate: 50 + Magic Attack
Steal Helmet 1 1 Now 350
Purloin the target's equipped helmet.
Success Rate: 40 + Speed
Steal Armor 1 1 Now 450
Purloin the target's equipped armor.
Success Rate: 35 + Speed
Steal Shield 1 1 Now 350
Purloin the target's equipped shield.
Success Rate: 35 + Speed
Steal Weapon 1 1 Now 600
Purloin the target's equipped weapon.
Success Rate: 30 + Speed
Steal Accessory 1 1 Now 500
Purloin the target's equipped accessory.
Success Rate: 40 + Speed
Steal EXP
(Steal Exp)
1 1 Now 250
Filch experience points from the target.
Amount: 5 + Speed
Success Rate: 70 + Speed

Reaction abilities[]

Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Assume a defensive stance.
Effect: Defending
HP Loss 200
Gil Snapper
(Gilgame Heart)
Receive gil equal to the amount of damage taken. HP Loss 200
Sticky Fingers
Catch thrown items and add them to the party inventory. Throw 200

Support abilities[]

Name Description JP Needed
(Secret Hunt)
Deliver slain monsters' remains to a poachers' den. 200

Movement abilities[]

Name Description JP Needed
Move +2 Increase Move by 2. 520/560
Jump +2 Increase Jump by 2. 480/500


Steal Helmet.

The Thief's key role is to steal rare equipment from enemies, though this can be blocked by the support ability Safeguard learned from the Chemist. To increase the success rate of stealing, the player can boost the Thief's Speed, as well equipping abilities such as Concentration or Brawler. For the Steal Heart ability, one needs higher Magick Power to ensure the target will fall for them (the target must be of the opposite sex or a monster); the player may increase the success rate via magick attack-boosting equipment or through the Black Mage's Arcane Strength support ability.

The Thief is the only job, bar Luso's Game Hunter, capable of converting slain monsters into items to be redeemed at the Poacher's Den. Many rare equipment pieces are exclusive to poaching certain monsters. The Thief's Sticky Fingers can be used to pick items thrown at them and add to the inventory; this allows Thieves to counter Ninja's Throw.

While the Thief is not very useful on its own as a main job, it is, nevertheless, key to obtaining certain pieces of unique equipment through stealing, such as the Genji equipment (although in War of the Lions Messam Elmdore has the Safeguard ability), or via poaching, which is available in chapter 3. Usually, using a Ninja with the Steal command is more useful thanks to their superior speed and offensive attributes.

Unlocking the Thief is useful for any unit thanks to its Move +2, which is invaluable for nearly any other job.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Thief appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Wind-elemental Backup and Forward cards.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Knights of the Crystals[]

KotC Thief.png

Thief appears as a card in the Ivalice Special Arena has a limited-time special arena with eighteen floors.