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Thief is one of the basic jobs in Final Fantasy XI. Thieves are nimble physical attackers that excel at evasion and dealing respectable high damage with their abilities, while having very quick normal attacks and moderate HP/defenses. They are also able to control the amount of enmity directed to party members. This is a list of available job traits and abilities for the class.

Job Traits[]

Job Abilities[]

Perfect Dodge[]

Perfect Dodge is the special job ability for Thieves and is available to players at level 1. When activated, thieves will evade all melee physical attacks. It does not protect them from magical damage, large area effects, or ranged attacks. It does not draw enmity.

Due to the use of this ability simply as a means to avoid damage and that being somewhat contrary to the thief's normal role in a group, the developers have been speaking about possibly adding a second effect to Perfect Dodge in the future to make it more useful for the Thief.


Steal is the Thief class's signature ability and is available at level 5. The Thief does not actually steal anything that is on an enemy's normal loot table. Steal has a five minute cool down period, and raises enmity slightly.

Steal is used almost exclusively for monetary personal gain by Thieves, but when thieves go to fight Maat for their last limit break, they will automatically win the fight if they are able to steal from Maat. Most character classes actually have to defeat Maat in order to move on to Levels 71-75.

Through Merit Points, thieves can enhance this ability with a trait called "Aura Steal," which allows them to literally steal a beneficial status effect from an opponent.