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Thieves possess the unique ability to steal from enemies, allowing players to pilfer a variety of materials.


Thief (シーフ, Shīfu?) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers.


The Thief is unlocked in the 2★ Quest, "Aptitude Exam: Thief & Time Mage". It can be mastered by completing any 10 quests, then the 5★ quest "Mastery Trials: Thief".

Thief is a damage dealer/booster that specializes in attacking swiftly and accurately while also obtaining items. Thieves can initially equip daggers and spears; after mastery dual daggers, bows and knuckles can be equipped.

Base stats[]

Stats Base (Mastery) Ranking
HP 3300 (3950) D
AP 1980 (2380) C
Load 140 F
Strength 46 C
Accuracy 81 A
Magic 32 F
Spirit 18 E
Focus 41 D
Defense 38 B
Mag Def 32 D
Evasion 58 A
Mobility 116 A
Luck 40 D


They are proficient in all Dagger Skills.

The unique ability, Steal has a chance to take an item from an enemy. The standard ability, Cleareyes increases the chance of finding rare materials.

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