Chocobo as a Thief.

Thief is a Job class in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. It is acquired by stealing the Thief's Memories from Merchant Hero X in the dungeons. This can be challenging as Dungeon Hero X use 'X Cannon' and various other heavily damaging moves.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Level Description JP Target Cost
Steal 1 Steals items from one foe. 0 One grid forward 1 SP
Blind Needles 1 Slight Blind attack three grids forward. 0 Three grids forward 1 SP
Stealth Steps 2 Move without waking sleeping foes. 260 Chocobo 2 SP
Poison Needles 2 Slight Poison attack three grids forward. 260 Three grids forward 1 SP
Alert 3 Find foes, traps, and items. 260 Chocobo 3 SP
Mug 4 Steal and knockback while attacking. 520 One grid forward 3 SP
Pilfer Gil 5 Steal gil from one foe. 780 One grid forward 2 SP
Treasure Hunt 6 Increase odds of enemy item drops. 1040 Chocobo 3 SP
Flee 7 Warp to random location on the same floor. 1300 Chocobo 2 SP
Artful Move 8 Move faster for a period of time. 1560 Chocobo 3 SP
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