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Thief's Cuffs are an accessory in Final Fantasy XII that improve the wearer's chance to steal items from an opponent, and allows the possibility to steal multiple items in one attempt. In the Zodiac versions, the cuffs also give +1 to Speed. As stealing is one of the best ways to procure loot and other items, Thief's Cuffs are one of the best accessories to equip to a character who is set to be the party's "thief".



In the original PlayStation 2 versions, the Thief's Cuffs are sold for 3,000 gil in Mt Bur-Omisace, Mosphoran Highwaste, and Phon Coast. The earliest point the cuffs can be obtained is after the events at the Tomb of Raithwall by taking one of three routes to Mosphoran Highwaste, the easiest of which is to run off the Imperials guarding the border between Nalbina Fortress and the Highwaste by attempting to go through while riding a chocobo.

Thief's Cuffs is found in a treasure in Paramina Rift's Silverflow's End (southern end; 40% chance to appear, 50% chance for gil, the item treasure is Thief's Cuffs without the Diamond Armlet Map 30 Paramina Rift), and is an uncommon steal from the Vinuskar (10%) boss in Stilshrine of Miriam.

A pair can also be bought from the Shifty-Eyed Merchant in Phon Coast for 2,700 gil as part of the Rare Game Hunt Club sidequest, after giving one trophy to Stok.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Thief's Cuffs are not sold in shops, but sell for 1,300 gil. They are found as a treasure in Zertinan Caverns' The Undershore (area with the blue save crystal; 25% chance to appear but is always Thief's Cuffs), Mosphoran Highwaste's Babbling Vale (by the northwest exit, always appears), and Subterra's Umbra - North (70% chance to appear, 80% chance for gil, 50% chance the item treasure is Thief's Cuffs without the Diamond Armlet), as well as in Trial Mode Stage 59 with the Diamond Armlet equipped.

They are still an uncommon steal from the Vinuskar boss, and now also the rare steal form Gil Snapper in Trial Mode Stage 30, and Gavial in Trial Mode Stage 40.

Thief's Cuffs are still available from the Hunt Club sidequest on the Phon Coast by giving Stok one Rare Game trophy and then heading to the Shifty-Eyed Merchant's store nearby.


Thief's Cuffs improve the wearer's steal success rate in the following manner.

All stealable items are divided into three categories:

  • High chance: 55%
  • Mid chance: 10%
  • Low chance: 3%

With the Thief's Cuff accessory, the chances increase to:

  • High chance: 80%
  • Mid chance: 30%
  • Low chance: 6%

Each foe has a set of common, rare and very rare item that can be stolen. If the steal is successful, the player will acquire either one or a selection of these items, with the chance of getting a certain item depending on its rarity. Once something has been stolen from an enemy, it is not possible to steal from that enemy again unless it re-spawns. The game first checks for the chance to steal the rarest item. If stealing the rare item fails, the game next checks the moderate chance item, and if that fails, the game checks for the most common item. If this step fails as well, the steal fails.

Normally only one item can be stolen, but the Thief's Cuffs enables stealing multiple items at once; the game first checks for the rare item, and if that is successful, the game still checks for the other items as well, and the player has a chance of getting items from multiple categories simultaneously. However, once something has been stolen, the player can't steal again from the same enemy, not even with Thief's Cuffs equipped.

As the cuffs greatly help with steal success, and stealing is one of the best ways to procure many items, it is advised to try to procure a pair early. The player can go out of their way to Mosphoran Highwaste after the events ta the Tomb of Raithwall to either buy them (original) or to pick them up from a treasure coffer (Zodiac). In the latter it is also possible to procure a pair from the Zertinan Caverns, though going there can be treacherous to an early game party; the player can try their luck and navigate through the caverns while avoiding the tougher foes. It is also worth stealing them from the Vinuskar boss in the Stilshrine of Miriam as this is a missable opportunity to get a pair.