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Artwork from Final Fantasy VI.

Bracer inhabited by the spirit of a thief. Increases the success rate of the Steal command.

Final Fantasy VI description

Thief's Bracer (とうぞくのうでわ or 盗賊の腕輪, Tōzoku no Udewa?, lit. Sneak Ring or Thief Armlet), also known as Sneak Ring, is a recurring accessory in the series.


Final Fantasy[]

An armlet that enhances agility.


Thief's Armlet is a high-ranked armor for the Thief and Ninja classes found exclusively in the GBA and later versions at Whisperwind Cove, and provides 30 Defense, 4 Evasion, 1 Weight, and +5 Agility.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Thief's Bracer is a relic that doubles the success rate of Steal and provides +5 Agility, and can be equipped by Locke and Gogo. It can be found as treasure in Narshe, bought for 3,000 gil at Tzen, and stolen from Dadaluma and Mugbear.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A bracer that once belonged to a legendary thief. No matter how impregnable the defenses of his target's location were, the master thief never had a problem getting his hands on the mark. With footsteps like those of a cat, he snuck in quickly and silently, stealing invaluable treasures in the blink of an eye. Similarly, this bracer improves thieving skills, allowing its wearer to acquire the prize he or she seeks with greater ease.


Thief Bracer is an accessory obtained by finding and turning in all Earth Keys. It provides 3 DEF and doubles the chance of successfully stealing items.