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Thermal Pulse
FFXI Thermal Pulse.png
MP 151
Effect Deals Fire damage to enemies within area of effect. Additional effect: Blindness
Duration Instant
Casting Time 6 seconds
Recast Time 70 seconds
Magic Type Magical
Element Fire
Jobs BLU 86

Thermal Pulse (サーマルパルス, Sāmaru Parusu?) is a Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI learned from Wamouracampa. It deals Fire damage to enemies within area of effect with an additional Blindness effect. It costs 3 Blue Magic Points to set. When set, it grants VIT +2. It can be combined with Uppercut, Battle Dance, Death Scissors, Spinal Cleave, or Temporal Shift to create the Attack Bonus job trait. It takes 6 seconds to cast and can be recast every 70 seconds.

Thermal Pulse is also an enemy ability used by the Wamouracampa family.