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Theodore is a character in Final Fantasy XVI. He is the younger brother of Eloise and member of the Crimson Caravan.


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Though Theodore is a Bearer, he is not branded as such, due to being successfully hidden from detection in his youth.


Etymology and allusion[]

"Theodore" is a common name of Greek origin, meaning "Gift from God". Final Fantasy XVI has many themes and names originating from Greek or ancient Greece mythology.

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The name etymology could be an allusion to Theodore being a covert Bearer, who before the drafting of the Continental Accord used to be respected, and the term Bearer being short from "Bearer of Blessings"; the magic-use among humans in Valisthea also ultimately derives from Ultima, a god "gifted" the ability to the tribes that eventually inhabited the Twins.

Theodore has also been used a name in the Final Fantasy series before, for a character from Final Fantasy IV.

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