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Demo version of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

Two demo versions of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy were set to be released before the game's full release. The demos are made available for free at the Japanese Nintendo eShop. The first downloadable demo has one song, and the second demo, set to include two songs, is yet to be released.

The Theatrhythm downloadable demo is limited to 30 plays. The system records each play and once the player hits 30 it deletes the data automatically. A re-download option will not appear in the e-shop.

Tokyo Game Show demo[]

The demo at Tokyo Game Show.

The game was playable at Tokyo Game Show 2011 and contained a variety of songs players could try out. While Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will span music from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XIII, the Tokyo Game Show demo did not showcase all titles.[1] Many of the tracks that will be in the full game were listed in the demo, but grayed out. The player could not choose their party in the demo, and at least Ifrit and Odin were summonable at battles.

The demo gave a taste of different modes of play, the battle mode, the field mode and the event mode. In field mode there are notes to hit, and the player must trace the green notes while holding them. If the player makes a mistake the character falls on the ground and is replaced by the next member in the party. If the player gets the notes right they may stumble on a treasure chest. If they hit the blue notes on time they can ride a chocobo for a bit of the song.

The event mode has a mash up of FMV cutscenes running in the background and a cursor moves around the screen, and the player only needs to trace its path with the stylus until green notes show up. Near the end of the song it is possible to "extend" the event by hitting a section of notes.

The difficulty levels were in place for the demo; the player could choose between easy, normal and hard.

Downloadable demos[]

he first demo contains the song "Decisive Battle", the boss battle theme from Final Fantasy VI. It has three difficulty modes and players will require an SD card with 128MB of free space on the 3DS to download it.

During the "feature mode" of the song the player can summon Shiva, Ifrit or Ramuh by getting all the notes in the feature zone right. The summon will appear and the player must hit more notes in order to power up the attack. The enemies vary from Ultros to a Bomb to a Cactuar, a Behemoth, and Deathgaze. The game gives a random party to the player when they choose to play a song.

The second demo was released on February 1st 2012 and is called Demo Version 2. It includes two songs, Final Fantasy VIII battle song "The Man with the Machine Gun", and Final Fantasy XIII field song "Sunleth Waterscape". The songs can be played on three difficulty settings.