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The following is a list of items in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival. Items can be used by tapping on them during the song selection confirmation screen. Players cannot use two instances of the same item during a single song; however, they can use any number of different items simultaneously.

Normal itemsEdit

Normal items are randomly dropped by defeated monsters. The effects of these items only last one song.

Item Effect
TFFAC GiantDrink
Giant's Drink
Adds 800 HP to the entire party.
TFFAC BacchusWine
Bacchus's Wine
Raises the entire party's attack power by 10.
TFFAC SagesWisdom
Sage's Wisdom
Raises the entire party's magic power by 10.
TFFAC MagiciteShard
Magicite Shard
Increases the fill rate of the summon gauge.

Premium ItemsEdit

Premium items can be purchased by spending play credits at a shop that can be accessed via the mode selection screen. Play credits are purchased with real-life money. The cost of a single play credit is set by the arcade that owns the machine and thus can vary by location. Currently, users have the option of buying either a 10 pack of a single premium item for 1 play credit, or a bundle that contains 10 of each premium item for 3 play credits.

The effect of a premium item only lasts for a single song. Since albums are treated as two songs, if a premium item is used during an album, the effect of that item is decreased as noted below.

One unique property of premium items is that, in addition to helping the player who uses them, they also grant a small "Sortie Bonus" to any other players that are matched with the player who used the item.

Item Effect during Single FMS/BMS Effect during Album Sortie Bonus
TFFAC GrowthEgg
Growth Egg
Increases EXP earned by 30%. Increases EXP earned by 15%. Increases EXP earned by 10%.
TFFAC HeroDrink
Hero Drink
Greatly increases the damage inflicted by critical hits. Moderately increases the damage inflicted by critical hits. Slightly increases the damage inflicted by critical hits.
TFFAC MogsAmulet
Mog's Amulet
Greatly increases item drop rate. Moderately increases item drop rate. Slightly increases the item drop rate.
TFFAC YellowScarf
Yellow Scarf
Increases Gil earned by 30%. Increases Gil earned by 15%. Increases Gil earned by 10%.

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