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The Yuke Cometh is a time-limited event where Amidatelion from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Exiled Hermit:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: ...I see. So this world is plagued by strife.
  • Materia: One of the pillars supporting this world, the crystal core of light, has already been shattered.
  • ???: A shattered crystal... So this world is in peril.
  • Materia: Indeed it is. The crystal's fragments become brilliance, which scatter across the world.
  • Materia: But if gathered, the crystal core of light can be revived.
  • ???: Like the resurrection. I see. Please continue.
  • ???: ...Is something the matter?
  • Materia: ...Will you truly listen to my story?
  • ???: I find it quite fascinating, to be honest. Why do you ask?
  • Materia: There are few here like you. Most warriors are first and foremost concerned with how to get home.
  • ???: Understandably so. I am merely interested in what this world is like.
  • ???: It is also the first time I have met a god. Perhaps you could say I am...enchanted by the situation.
  • Materia: I see. What I have told you is the essence of what has happened here.
  • ???: I understand the situation, and even the reason you have summoned warriors here.
  • Materia: Truly? Then will you lend them your strength?
  • ???: I regret to say that that is a different matter.
  • Materia: ...How so?
  • ???: There is something I must discern for myself. Before that, I cannot promise anything.
  • Materia: And what might that be? You can ask me anything.
  • ???: It is not something you can tell me. I must ask Layle himself.
  • ???: What happened since then, if the world was saved or not... Until I know for sure, my heart cannot be at peace.
  • Materia: I see. Then allow me to help.

(A Torsion opens up behind Amidatelion)

  • Materia: I have opened the path to Layle. Please take it.
  • ???: I feel like I have seen this before...
  • ???: But I cannot travel with this. Layle must pull me from the other side...
  • ???: ...Oh?

(Amidatelion disappears)

  • Onion Knight: Layle! Quick! Over here!
  • Onion Knight: A Torsion opened up and all these monsters came pouring out!
  • Onion Knight: Everyone's doing their best to stop them. We have to help!
  • Layle: You can leave that one to me...
  • Layle: But it seems like you and I won't be enough to take them all.
Perfect Timing:
  • Garnet: This looks bad... There are still so many of them.
  • Cecil: Could it be a coincidence this many appeared near our base? Or is this someone's scheme?
  • Layle: But there's no mastermind in sight. So it might be a coincidence after all!
  • Layle: Torsions are the result of dimensional warping... So this might just be what happens if Torsions open up one after another.
  • Warrior of Light: Then we must rout the enemy. Perhaps we can put an end to this if we can stabilize the area.
  • Garnet: Alright. But...!
  • Cecil: This doesn't look good. I don't think we can take down this many.
  • Layle: And another Torsion just opened up. Who could it be this time—

(Amidatelion arrives from the Torsion)

  • Layle: Goldenrod!?
  • Layle: (No, it can't be... Is it someone with the same armor?)
  • ???: ...Well, here we are again.
  • ???: Have I come at a good time?
  • Layle: It really is you. Perfect timing, Amidatelion.
  • Amidatelion: I am glad we could meet. There is something I must ask you.
  • Layle: That's my line. But first, we've got to take care of this!
  • Amidatelion: Very well. Allow me to take this side then!

(The party finishes the battle)

  • Amidatelion: It is good to see you, Layle.
  • Layle: ...Yeah. I never thought we'd meet again. This world really is something else.
  • Layle: But you seem the same as ever, powers and attitude included.
  • Warrior of Light: Thank you for your help.
  • Garnet: So you're a summoner, too. I was surprised you defeated those monsters so quickly.
  • Amidatelion: I had something to ask Layle. Their interference was unwelcome.
  • Layle: Something to ask me? ...So some of your memories are missing.
  • Amidatelion: Do not worry. I remember everything.
  • Layle: And yet you're still in such high spirits... You're incredible.
  • Amidatelion: More importantly, Layle, answer me this: does your presence in this world mean the resurrection was not completed?
  • Layle: ...You can rest easy. It was.
  • Amidatelion: I see...
  • Amidatelion: So my family...the Yukes...were revived. At last, my people were vindicated.
  • Amidatelion: Thank you, Layle. You have repaid your debt to me.
  • Layle: It's no big deal. I still owe you...
  • Amidatelion: No, you do not. Even if it were only to hear those words from your mouth, coming here was worth it.
  • Amidatelion: By the way, why have you stayed in this place?
  • Layle: Uh... Well...
  • Cecil: We were summoned here to save this world.
  • Amidatelion: Ah, yes, because this world is in peril. I have heard as much from Materia.
  • Layle: That makes things easier. In sum, we can't leave until we save this place.
  • Layle: Would you help us get home?
  • Amidatelion: When you ask me like that, I suppose I cannot deny you. But Layle...
  • Amidatelion: You owe me one. Again.
Entrusted Hopes & Results:
  • Edge: Well, if it isn't the newcomer!

(Amidatelion arrives)

  • Amidatelion: Are you referring to me?
  • Zidane: We haven't met anyone like you before, so we were asking Keiss about you.
  • Keiss: In our world, Amidatelion is also a rarity—the lone survivor of the Yuke tribe.
  • Keiss: I'm a Selkie and Layle is a Clavat, so you're better off asking Amidatelion directly if you're curious.
  • Noel: Thanks, Keiss. That explains almost nothing.
  • Edge: Which is why we want to hear it from you.
  • Amidatelion: Certainly. It all started during our war with the Lilty tribe.
  • Amidatelion: The reason we Yukes vanished was because our Tribal Crystal was shattered during the war.
  • Amidatelion: Without it, we fell into the void between existence and oblivion...and were erased from the world.
  • Edge: Erased!?
  • Zidane: So even though your tribe lives on in that void, you're no longer part of the world?
  • Keiss: Layle said he met other Yukes, so they weren't annihilated.
  • Edge: But living in hiding against your will...
  • Edge: That must be miserable.
  • Keiss: We Selkies were the same. We needed to reclaim our tribe's dignity.
  • Amidatelion: Yes. It is a mission that must be accomplished, even if one must do so alone.
  • Ashe: Reviving your race all on your own? Your will is truly remarkable.
  • Noel: Isn't it...difficult sometimes?
  • Amidatelion: No. I am a crystal bearer, like Layle.
  • Amidatelion: It was a mission given to me by the crystal. It is only natural I obey the Crystal Principle.
  • Zidane: I'm starting to see the way your mind works.
  • Keiss: As a result, we were made to help. But everything worked out in the end.
  • Amidatelion: It seems that way, yes.
  • Edge: What do you mean? You make it sound like you weren't there.
  • Amidatelion: I was not. I had to entrust my mission to Layle...
  • Amidatelion: I wish I could have witnessed it with my own eyes.
  • Ashe: Was this not your ardent desire? I would think it best you see for yourself.
  • Amidatelion: Well, by that time, I had already—
  • Edge: Even if you return, you have no future...
  • Edge: I wonder what will happen to people like you after this world is gone...
  • Edge: But since you're still alive here, you need to fight for your home world.
  • Ashe: Is the future of your world one worth protecting?
  • Keiss: ...It is.
  • Amidatelion: ...Indeed. It is as you say.
  • Amidatelion: Let us save this world...for the future of my people.
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The Yuke Cometh Pt. 1[edit | edit source]

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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

With the title of this event written in Early Modern English, "cometh" is the first- and third-person singular present tense of "to come". This was likely chosen with respect to the source material.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first character event to feature a fifth boosted character, who is the most recent character to have a BT weapon offered in draws. This is also the first character event to introduce an LD weapon for the featured character and include a co-op event at COSMOS difficulty.
  • In the Japanese version, Amidatelion's event was rerun in April 2020 as compensation for content delayed due to COVID-19.
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