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The X Records's release banner.

The X Records was a Special Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


The objective of this event was to defeat Nemesis. The player had the option to challenge Nemesis immediately, but it would be very difficult as only Core characters would receive Record Synergy. Completing the five dungeons accompanying the event would unlock Record Synergy for other realms in the Nemesis fight, making it easier to manage. Nemesis also had a special mechanic to it that its stats would increase the more characters from the same realm were in the player's party; the fight would be easiest when undertaken with characters from five different realms.

The three tiers of Nemesis fights returned in March 2018 as a Revenge Event during the game's 3rd anniversary celebration.


Hall of Trials[]

Hall of Dragons[]

Hall of Steel[]

Hall of Betrayal[]

Hall of Guardians[]

Hall of the Beyond[]