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Artwork of the Warring Triad in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The Warring Triad (三闘神, Santōshin?, lit. Three Warring Gods) is a group of three primals in Final Fantasy XIV, first appearing as statues in Azys Lla in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

With each patch, the wear of the statues has increased, and as of 3.15, they are covered by moss. Patch 3.2 starts a Trial Trial series based on the Warring Triad, starting with Containment Bay S1T7 where the players fight Sephirot, the Fiend. Patch 3.4 continues this with a new trial, Containment Bay P1T6, with Sophia, the Goddess being the primal fought here. The last member, Zurvan, the Demon, is fought in Containment Bay Z1T9 and was introduced in patch 3.5.


The Warring Triad were deities once worshiped by the ancient people of the same era as the Allagan Empire. They were the first three primals the empire successfully bound, a technology they later used in the construction of Dalamud. They remain bound in Azys Lla, presumably inside the Flagship at the center of the floating continent. Three statues in the middle of Azys Lla are carved in their likeness, and they are otherwise identical to their appearance in Final Fantasy VI.

Archbishop Thordan traveled to Azys Lla to use the power of the trapped primals to become a god-king that would put an end to all conflict, but he was ultimately defeated by the Warrior of Light. His activation of Azys Lla and his drawing upon their power begins a process of awakening, and Urianger Augurelt calls upon the Warrior of Light's help.



Etymology and symbolism[]

A triad is defined as a "group of three". The number three occurs with great frequency in mythologies and religions found across the globe.

The Warring Triad may be loosely based on the Japanese gods Amaterasu, Susano'o, and Tsukuyomi. The storm god Susano'o and the moon god Tsukuyomi are male, while the sun goddess Amaterasu is female and the strongest of the three siblings. According to myth, when Izanami, one of the first gods and wife to Izanagi, died and went to the underworld (Yomi), Izanagi attempted to retrieve her but she was unable to follow. Izanagi returned to Earth and bathed to purify himself, washing out Amaterasu, Susano'o, and Tsukuyomi, from his eyes and nose. Though the three are siblings they oppose each other, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi having a falling out when he killed the food goddess Uke Mochi, while Amaterasu and Susano'o were always locked in a feud.

In the original concept artwork for Final Fantasy VI by Tetsuya Nomura, the Warring Triad are named beyond their basic titles: The Goddess is Sophia, the Demon is Zurvan, and the Fiend is Sephiroth.

Sophia, Greek for wisdom, is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, Orthodox Christianity, Esoteric Christianity, as well as Christian mysticism, and is commonly represented as a goddess. Sophia is also a primary deity in Gnosticism.

As a feminine given name of Greek origin, Sophia retains the meaning of "wisdom", with variant names Sofia and Sophie among others in Western culture.

In Zurvanism, Zurvan is the god of infinite time (and space) and is Aka Manah ("one", "alone") deity of matter.

Səphīrōth (סְפִירוֹת, medieval Hebrew form of Sephirot; also spelled Sefirot), is a plural noun in Hebrew; the singular is Sephirah (also spelled Sefira). The Sephiroth are described in the Kabbalah as the manifestations of God that allow him to manifest in the physical and metaphysical universes. Sephiroth also means "counting" (of numbers).

Each of the three names represents the highest levels of knowledge and power in their respective religions.

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