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The Undying is the final boss of Final Fantasy XII. It is the final form that Vayne takes by merging with Venat and assimilating components of the Sky Fortress Bahamut into his body after he is mortally wounded by Vaan. This form is draconic, as the Sky Fortress's namesake is the recurring dragon summon Bahamut.

Defeating The Undying in The Zodiac Age awards the "Wings of My Own" trophy/achievement.


AI scriptEdit

BraveryUse once after Enrage (100%)
FaithUse once after Chain Magick (100%)
Piercing DispelgaUse after Chain Magick when HP >40% on opponent with most buffs (25%)
HP <20%; use on opponent with most buffs (5%)
Piercing HolyUse after Magick Shield when HP >40% on opponent that doesn't absorb Holy (25%)
HP <20%; use on opponent that doesn't absorb Holy (5%)
Piercing FiragaHP >60% (5%)
Use after Magick Shield when conditions for Holy/Dispelga are not met and HP >40% (100%)
HP <20% when conditions for Holy/Dispelga are not met (5%)
Piercing ThundagaHP >60% (5%)
Use after Magick Shield when conditions for Holy/Dispelga are not met and HP >40% (100%)
HP <20% when conditions for Holy/Dispelga are not met (5%)
Piercing BlizzagaHP >60% (5%)
Use after Magick Shield when conditions for Holy/Dispelga are not met and HP >40% (100%)
HP <20% when conditions for Holy/Dispelga are not met (5%)
Enrage*(Bestows Attack CT0)HP <40%; use once (100%)
AscensionUse after Magick Barrier (100%)
60% > HP > 40% repeat after next 32 commands (100%)
40% > HP > 20% repeat after next 52 commands (100%)
Force Barrier*(Bestows Magick Wall that dissipates after Gigaflare Sword and Ascension)Use once after using Bravery (100%)
Gigaflare SwordUse after Force Barrier (100%)
Before Perfect Defense and repeat after next 52 commands (100%)
Use once after Perfect Defense (100%)
Perfect Defense*(Bestows Magick Wall and Anti-Magick; effect dissipates after Gigaflare Sword and Teraflare)HP <20%; use once (100%)
Divine SwordHP >60% (25%)
TeraflareHP <20% after Gigaflare Sword has been used and after next 8 commands (100%)
Repeat after next 32 commands (100%)
Magick Barrier*(Bestows Anti-Magick; effect dissipates after Enrage)Use once after Faith (100%)
MegaflareHP <80% (100%)
80% > HP > 60% repeat after next 12 commands (100%)
60% > HP > 40% repeat after next 32 commands (100%)
Chain Magick*(Bestows Magick CT0)HP <60%; use once (100%)
TargetingAttacks nearest opponent.

Battle Edit

FFXII Undying

Battle with The Undying.

The Undying has no life bar, so the only way the player will know how much health he has is to know his AI script, and when he starts flashing red when in HP Critical. There is also no indicator line to whom the boss is targeting, but The Undying tends to attack those near to it.

In his first form, The Undying mostly casts Piercing Firaga, Piercing Blizzaga, and Piercing Thundaga. His strongest magick, Megaflare, hits over 3,000 damage. When he uses his first special attack, Ascension, he will change his strategy and focus on using his "arm cannon," which hits about 2,000 and above per hit. The "arm cannon" is a gun-type attack, which means it ignores Defense. If the characters buff in his firing range, The Undying will cast Piercing Dispelga on the party member with the most buffs.

The Undying will build a Magick Barrier, which negates all magick thrown at him. In low health, The Undying will use Perfect Defense, negating all physical and magickal attacks. The Undying will buff himself and use Gigaflare Sword, which can cause damage up to 5,800 damage. Just as his defenses fade, The Undying readies his last special attack, Tera Flare, which hits about 4,000 upward.

Strategy Edit

Because of The Undying's Piercing Dispelga, only the most important buffs, such as Haste, should be used. During The Undying's first form Shell is useful. Since the party can't do anything to him when The Undying has a paling, this time can be used to buff the party with Shell, Haste, Regen and Bubble, but one must be out of range of Piercing Dispelga when casting the buffs.

When his HP is depleted 75%, The Undying will heal, giving the player the chance to deal massive damage by attacking him head on. When he is flashing, his Defense increases. The Gil Toss Technick is useful, for if the player has 10,000+ gil it will deal 9,999 damage per hit.

Musical theme Edit

"Struggle for Freedom" plays throughout the battle. The theme features a medley of the other boss themes, as well as a continuous riff of the "The Archadian Empire" and the main theme of Final Fantasy XII, representing the two motifs struggling against each other. The theme was composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Other appearances Edit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

The Undying appears as a boss-type enemy in Battle Music Sequences.

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

MFF The Undying FFXII
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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

TheUndying TCG

The Undying appears as an Ice-elemental card.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Undying's special moves, Megaflare, Gigaflare (Sword) and Teraflare, are signature moves of Bahamut's different forms in many games of the series: Megaflare is used by Bahamut, Gigaflare is used by Neo Bahamut, and Teraflare is used by Bahamut ZERO.

Related enemies Edit

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