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The Ultima Weapon has partaken of the power of the eikons! None can stand against it!

Gaius van Baelsar

The Ultima Weapon is fought as last challenge in the final boss sequence in Final Fantasy XIV. Although Lahabrea is fought afterwards as the final boss, he is near impossible to lose to, making the battle against The Ultima Weapon as the last challenge in the storyline, and is considered as the game's "true" final boss.


Part 1 StrategyEdit

The fight against Ultima is divided into two separate battles with a break in between them. During the first fight the weapon has the powers of Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda and Gaius will summon them to preform some of their most powerful attacks. This battle requires a lot of focused, quick movement to avoid major damage, and healers will likely be hard pressed the entire time. Ultima Weapon can end this fight quickly with its multitude of AoE skills.

Phase 1

During this battle players will receive repeated healing from Hydaelyn, the goddess of light. When this happens, the entire party will heal upward of nine-thousand health. Ultima will use several abilities, such as a basic energy sphere attack on the tank and Magitek Ray; this laser will mark a line of green energy across the arena, which explode a moment later and Ceruleum Vent, an AoE focused on itself with a radius of approximately ten meters. This will hit lightly armored characters for five hundred damage and will be cast repeatedly, so melee damage may suffer if they are forced to retreat for breathing room.

Shortly after the fight begins Ultima will begin using Geocrush (Titan's skill), Vulcan Burst (Ifrit's knockback), and Aerial Blast (Garuda's AoE). Throughout the fight, These abilities will often be used in rapid succession, but the damage is much weaker then when fighting the Primals.

The most damaging ability for this phase is Aerial Blast, but the party will get a message five seconds before it is cast, at which point the party will take no damage while Ultima Weapon prepares the ability, giving the parties healers ample time to top off the party and prepare for healing afterwards.

Phase 1 ends at 66% when Ultima Weapon loses control of Garuda, which stops it from casting Aerial Blast. The party will then receive a large heal from Hydaelyn.

Phase 2

Ultima will use Radiant Plume and Weight of the Land, the floor-based AoE attacks that Ifrit and Titan used, as well as continuing to use Ceruleum Vent. Players will need to remain near the outer part of the map, as they will have to move back and forth very quickly to avoid the massive AoE damage that these output. Radiant Plume will alternate exploding in the middle of the arena, then the edges of the arena. There is a sweet spot between these areas where minimal movement is required, though still necessary. This will likely be one of the most challenging parts of the fight for healers, and they should be prepared to have a DPS character die if they don't move fast enough. Weight of the Land deals high damage, but party members need to focus on surviving Radiant Plume which will do more damage. Battle raises are not recommended, but they are possible during this phase.

At roughly 33%, Titan will physically appear and use Earthen Fury, tearing loose from Ultima Weapon. Hydaelyn will heal the party immediately after this AoE, signaling the beginning of Phase 3.

Phase 3

After Titan is released, Ultima is left with only Ifrit's stolen abilities to use, which will reduce the damage quite a bit. He will still use Ceruleum Vent and Radiant Plume over a large area, but these are much easier to dodge without having to worry about Weight of the Land. However, the pattern is not so simple as dancing between plumes. Ultima still casts Radaint Plumes in the center, then on the edge of the arena, but it can also cast it in a cross-like pattern; a large plume in the center, with four more plumes at each 90 degree angle of the central plume. This will leave small areas between the outer plumes as safe spots, but not for long, as the follow-up is simply casting Radiant Plume again in the center, and the once-safe spots. Simply hitting a Level 3 Limit Break at the end should be enough to finish off part one of this boss, and lead into the second, more brutal fight.

Part 2 StrategyEdit

Ultima has lost the abilities of the Primals but Lahabrea has unlocked the more powerful weapons lurking in the machina. He will continue to use Ceruleum Vent and will now fire Magitek Ray much more frequently. Ultima will also summon Magitek Bits. These small machines will use their ability Assault Cannon to fire lasers across the arena and should be killed by the DPS players immediately. Each time Magitek Bits are cleared, the amount summoned next time Ultima casts it is doubled.

Periodically, a "ripple" effect will be seen on the ground signalling Ultima's Freefire attack. All players must position themselves as far from the epicenter of the attack as possible. After a few seconds, an airship will crash and explode for damage that increases the closer players are to the epicenter. Those who fail to move properly will suffer heavy damage and most likely suffer an instant KO.

The next phase will begin when Ultima Weapon's health has been reduced by half.

Phase 2

Ultima will continue to use the same attacks from phase 1 and will use a new attack called Tank Purge. Tank Purge is an unavoidable AoE that does a large amount of damage to the whole party. Healers will have to heal the Tanks immediately before Gaius can take them out with Ceruleum Vent.

Ultima will also begin to use Aetherplasm, a green ball of energy which will follow one player slowly before exploding so players should take care to avoid them before they detonate.

At 10% health the fight will move to the final phase.

Phase 3

At approximately five to ten percent health the Ultima Weapon will warp to the center of the arena and begin casting Ultima. During this time there will be no outgoing damage. Therefore all players should immediately begin attacking with all available abilities and cooldowns. Though the cast time on Ultima almost thirty seconds should it finish casting the party will be instantly killed. While not required, this is an optimal time to use a limit break. As long as the entire party is alive there should be little issue finishing the Ultima Weapon off before it finishes casting.

Minstrel's Ballad StrategyEdit

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Ultima means "the last" in Latin and many Latin-based languages. In the Spanish versions of many Final Fantasy games, it is written as "Artema," a close transliteration of the Japanese katakana.

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