The Ugly Chocoling is a story from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. The story is about a young chocobo who seems to be cursed with fiery feathers on top of looking rather awkward in comparison to the rest of his peers. In two of the epilogues, it is revealed that he is in fact a young Phoenix and not a chocobo.

The story is based on The Ugly Duckling, a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, along with some references to the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Volume 1: Find That Fiery Chocobo[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Once upon a time, there was a family with a loving mother chocobo and her little chocolings.

The youngest chocoling was just a little bit different from his brothers and sisters.

Whenever he threw a tantrum, smoke and sparks would pour out of his feathers. Because of this, the poor chocoling became as black as soot!

All the other chocobos called him "The Ugly Chocoling" and never let him join in any chocobo games.

Even his mother treated him differently than his siblings.

"Mommy doesn't love me because of how I look!"

Overcome by sadness, the little chocobo ran way from home.

That evening, his mother realized he was gone, and began to search frantically.

Out all alone, the angry and sad little chocobo began to spark even more than usual!

The sparks grew bigger and bigger, threatening to start a fire...

Epilogue 1: Family Ties[edit | edit source]

The mother and her children searched desperately for the missing chocoling.

Although it wasn't easy to find the little fellow, they finally managed to track him down!

Seeing his mother come to the rescue finally made the chocoling understand:

The color of his feathers wasn't important. Also, his mother loved him just as much as his brothers and sisters.

"I'm sorry!"


The chocoling apologized to his mother as tears ran down his beak. The mother chocobo cried as well.

As if summoned by their tears, rain clouds filled the sky, and showers covered the land. Mother and child held each other tightly, not minding the rain even one little bit.

Epilogue 2: Tough Love[edit | edit source]

The mother and her children searched desperately for the missing chocoling.

Although it took a while, they finally managed to track him down!

"You didn't have to come looking for me! I would have been fine on my own," said the chocoling, putting up a defiant facade.

His mother smacked him on the cheek.

"Do you have any idea how worried we've been about you?"


Once everyone got home, the mother chocobo cooked up a delicious cake for the family to eat.

It was warm and sweet, just like a mother's love.

Epilogue 3: Different Folks[edit | edit source]

The mother and her children searched desperately for the missing chocoling, but never could find him.

Soon thereafter, a mole and his son found the chocoling.

"Whatcha doin' all da way out here?"

"I don't have a home to go back to anymore..."

"Then come wid us! Yer hungry, ain’t ya?"

From that day on, the chocoling lived with the two moles.


Their house was far underground where it was nice and dark, so nobody ever called the chocoling "ugly" again.

Even to this very day, there's a winged mole living below ground that is just a little bit different from the other moles.

The Game[edit | edit source]

Move the magnifying glass with the stylus to find the fiery chocoling amongst the large flock. The chocobo leaves a trail of flames to aid in the process.

Battle Mode[edit | edit source]

In battle mode, the first player to find the chocoling three times is the winner.

Trial Mode[edit | edit source]

In trial mode, the player strives to find the chocoling as many times as possible within the time limit.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

Number Requirements Unlocks
1 Score at least 3 points in trial mode. Unlocked Battle Mode
2 Conquer Battle mode level 3 Unlocked Epilogue 1
3 Conquer Battle mode level 4 Rescued Dolly
4 Conquer Battle mode level 5 Unlocked Epilogue 2
5 Score at least 8 points in trial mode Obtained 019 Phoenix - Fire Strike
6 Score at least 10 points in trial mode. Unlocked Epilogue 3
7 Score at least 12 points in trial mode. Obtained 020 Phoenix - Blazing Barrier

Volume 2: Flaming Frenzy[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

The little chocoling with feathers of soot was always teased by everyone around him.

One day, his mother sent him on an errand to Mt. Magma.

The volcano was incredibly dangerous, and the older siblings protested sending the youngest one on such a task.

"This job is for him and him alone," the mother chocobo firmly stated.

"She doesn't care what happens to me because I'm the ugly one," he said to himself as he set off.

At one time in history, Mt. Magma was renowned as a famous site for gold mining. However, on one terrible day, the mining town (full of boisterous men and buxom ladies) was destroyed when the volcano erupted, incinerating everything – including heaps of gold.

As the chocoling arrived at the ruins of the town, his little heart was overcome by sadness.

Suddenly, smoke appeared form his feathers... then sparks... then fire!

The chocoling started running around in a flaming frenzy!

Gold coins appeared in the wake of his fiery trail...

Epilogue 1: Rebirth[edit | edit source]

The gold coins that appeared as the chocoling dashed about were once part of the great treasure that was lost when Mt. Magma erupted.

The fires that poured from the chocoling's feathers were none other than the flames of rebirth!

The inferno grew and enveloped his entire body. He felt no more pain at all.


A shining bird with beautiful feathers emerged from the flames!

The ugly chocoling was actually Phoenix!

Epilogue 2: Truly Blessed[edit | edit source]

The chocoling looked sadly at the coins appearing behind him.

"I don't want any gold..."

As soon as he said those words, his flames gave birth to a succulent feast!

"I'm not hungry, either.

What I really want is..."

The flames flickered and showed him an image of his family, his mother, and his siblings.

"Now I understand!

What I've always wanted...

I already had it!"

"Congratulations!" his family called out in unison.

With those words, the chocoling transformed into Phoenix!

"My dear, I'm sorry I had to be so strict with you, but it was necessary for you to realize your full potential."


After worrying for so long, he finally realized that he was the luckiest bird on the planet.

He began to cry, and as his tears cascaded over the lava, water from deep below the ground sped up towards the surface and burst into the sky, creating a powerful geyser.

Epilogue 3: Rebirth?[edit | edit source]

A greedy thief appeared, and began chasing after the chocoling and the gold with an evil grin on his face.

"Gimme more gold! Keep running or I'll chop you up for dinner!"

The thief ran behind the chocoling and picked up all the gold coins he could carry.

"Somebody, help me!" cried the chocoling.

The flames had charred his feathers pitch black and his legs would carry him no further.

"I have to escape!"

The chocoling tried as hard as he could to flap his wings.

Those wings, which had never carried him into the sky before, suddenly unfurled and took him out of harm's reach.


Untold days and nights passed...

When you hear a certain black bird cawing outside the window, be sure to think of the little chocoling.

Even to this very day, he is calling out to his mother, who he has been apart from for so very long.

The Game[edit | edit source]

When surrounded in a bubble from the spring at the center of playing field, the player can transform the flames the chocoling leaves behind into coins. Touching the flames without the bubble will cause the player to lose a coin and be momentarily slowed down.

Battle Mode[edit | edit source]

The players compete to collect the most coins. Players can ram each other to steal coins from one another.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

Number Requirements Unlocks
1 Conquer Battle mode level 1 Nothing
2 Conquer Battle mode level 2 Rescued Belle
3 Conquer Battle mode level 3 Unlocked Epilogue 1
4 Conquer Battle mode level 4 Unlocked Epilogue 3
5 Conquer Battle mode level 5 Unlocked Epilogue 2
6 Score at least 10 points in battle mode. Obtained 021 Phoenix - Undying Spirit
7 Score at least 20 points in battle mode. Obtained 023 Phoenix - Flames of Rebirth
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