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The Trio, Sam, Andrea Rhodea, Madam M, and Madam M's Desire are quests in Chapter 9, "The Town That Never Sleeps", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The quests take place in Wall Market. As Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough search for Tifa Lockhart, they find she is in Don Corneo's mansion. Leslie tells them that only women acceptable enough to Don Corneo can enter, and advises they talk to "The Trio" of Chocobo Sam, Andrea Rhodea, and Madam M for access.


After talking to Leslie, leave Corneo's mansion, at which point a cutscene commences with Johnny. Following this, head to either of the three characters first to begin the quest. As before, in Wall Market, if the player has not done so already, they can talk to Chadley for Battle Intel updates and the Fat Chocobo Materia Fat Chocobo Materia, and can purchase the Hardedge Hardedge from the weapon store.

If the player runs near the inn, a barker will offer them a place to stay. Regardless of whether they accept, they can walk inside the inn and speak to the innkeeper to stay instead, fully restoring HP/MP.


Chocobo Sam.

Chocobo Sam is found in the eastern end just outside of Wall Market. After talking to him, he will recognize them from before. During dialogue, he will offer a coin toss to determine if Aerith can join the audition; the player can select "Heads" or "Tails", or reject the offer with "No deal" (the choice will slightly affect the questline later). If Cloud rejects the offer, Aerith will simply choose "Heads" regardless, and lose. Regardless of the option selected, the coin is a trick coin.

As this is unsuccessful, approach one of the other members of the trio.

Andrea Rhodea[]

Andrea Rhodea is located inside Honeybee Inn. After trying to enter the door, Aerith will insist on joining, and the player can try and enter again. The receptionist will then say that Rhodea will not speak to them without an appointment, which is not available for years, meaning he cannot be talked to at this stage.

Madam M[]

Madam M.

Madam M is located in a hand-massage parlor in the northeastern end of Wall Market, which cannot be entered until completing "Sam" and "Andrea Rhodea" first. After this, the two can enter and talk to her. Following this, the player can select a course from her: "Luxury Course" for 3,000 gil, "Standard Course" for 1,000 gil, "Poor Man's Course" for 100 gil, or simply deny the offer with "Not today". It is impossible to proceed without selecting a course. Which course is selected will help determine the questline later during this quest; it also affects dress mechanics.

After a cutscene, the player is put in control of Aerith, who leads the party. Madam M will enter the room; after she is finished with Cloud, talk to her to ask for a recommendation letter. Aerith will then ask Cloud what is wrong with her outfit; the player can select "It's alright", "Looks comfortable", or "It matter what I think?" as Cloud; the choice will affect the questline later. Madam M will then suggest Cloud travel to an arena, commencing "Underground Colosseum".

Behind the scenes[]

When talking to Sam, players reported split results in their choices, with a larger number of players reported answering "Heads." (39%), followed by "No deal." (35%) and "Tails." (26%). When Aerith asked about her outfit, players were split, with most answering "It's alright." (41%), followed by "Looks comfortable." (37%), and "It matter what I think?" (22%). Later, the overwhelming majority of players (75%) chose Madam M's Luxury Course, while just 15% chose the Standard Course and 10% chose the Poor Man's Course.[1]


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