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Trophy: Never the Bride
Complete "The Town That Never Sleeps". Bronze

Aerith guides Cloud through the outskirts of Sector 6, and abandoned, dangerous, rocky area lit dimly by the moonlight.


The Town That Never Sleeps is the ninth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The chapter comprises events when Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough travel through Sector 6 to reach the Sector 7 slums and end up needing to come up with a plan to meet with the crimelord who runs the seedy Wall Market entertainment district.

The dresses worn by Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa Lockhart depend on dress mechanics, determined by choices made in the sidequest "Alone at Last" from Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum", as well as how many sidequests were completed in Chapter 8, "Budding Bodyguard".

Completing the chapter unlocks the bronze trophy Never the Bride. Other trophies can be earned throughout the chapter, through dress mechanics and the Corneo Colosseum.


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Cloud gets an ominous premonition.

Cloud was just about to leave the Sector 5 slums in the cover of the night when he saw Aerith waiting for him at the town exit. Cloud realizes she is determined to help him, and begrudgingly accepts her offer to show him the way back to Sector 7. As Cloud watches Aerith move on ahead, he clutches his head in pain, and a tear rolls down his cheek. Aerith wonders what is wrong, but Cloud says it's nothing.

The Sector 6 plate fell in an accident during Midgar's construction. Aerith doesn't like this part of town because of the open sky, as the plate is still being fixed. The town up ahead with glimmering neon lights is Wall Market, an illicit entertainment district that Shinra Electric Power Company walled in. Aerith shows Cloud an alternate route to Sector 7 and they enter a tunnel.

Aerith wants to high five Cloud.

The pair crosses the Collapsed Expressway, a portion of the fallen plate that is now inhabited by monsters. Cloud operates gigantic robot arms that Shinra placed there for construction purposes to help Aerith bring down ladders so they can get through. After each escapade Aerith wants to high five Cloud, but he is too slow to react to the gesture.

They find a recently used campfire where three bandits named Beck, Burke, and Butch corner them, claiming Cloud and Aerith are trespassing on their territory. Beck says they are owed compensation, but Butch doesn't understand what the word means. Cloud and Aerith say they are just passing through, with the bandits still claiming they're due recompense. Burke mishears the word as the other bandits correct him. Aerith says she has heard enough as the two defeat the bandits, who feign unconsciousness by lying still on the floor. Cloud and Aerith leave, and the bandits get up and run away.

Aerith asks why Cloud became a SOLDIER, adding that he doesn't have to answer, though she is interested if he has any friends there. Cloud operates more robot arms to help Aerith drop a ladder, and she feels like Cloud is finally about to high five her, but Cloud brushes it off. The pair makes it to the end of the Collapsed Expressway, where Cloud at last gives an elated Aerith a high five.

Cloud and Aerith chat atop a children's slide.

They find the Evergreen Park and the closed gate to Sector 7. While Cloud asks how to open it Aerith tells him to take a break. She climbs a slide, explaining she used to sell flowers here. As Cloud sits next to her Aerith asks if he was a First Class and Cloud confirms. Someone Aerith loved was the same rank and Cloud asks for his name. Aerith complies, but Cloud clutches his head as his ears ring drowning out her words. Aerith asks if Cloud is okay and looks deeply into his eyes. Cloud's eyes glow due to the mako infusion he went through, and all SOLDIERs suffer from this effect.

Aerith thinks she is bumming Cloud out and climbs down the slide. She leads him to another structure in the playground and explains there is a passageway to Sector 7 underneath it. Cloud asks if Aerith will get home safe, with her wondering what happens if she says she won't. Cloud wants to escort Aerith home, but she says Cloud needs to get back to Sector 7 and that she knows safer backup routes for her return trip.

As Cloud is about to enter the passageway, the gate to Sector 7 opens and a chocobo-drawn carriage with Tifa on board emerges. She is wearing the dress Cloud suggested for her and he runs to catch up with her. Tifa is glad he is alive and not lost. Cloud asks what its going on, with Tifa saying she will explain everything later but that she is on her way to see Don Corneo. She asks Cloud to return to Seventh Heaven and meet up with Barret and the others. Cloud is worried, but Tifa convinces him to stand down by reminding how she is an experienced fighter. Cloud lets go of the carriage and watches it head toward Wall Market.

Wall Market.

Aerith comes up to Cloud and tells him to go after Tifa. Cloud says Tifa will handle herself but Aerith explains it doesn't matter if the person is strong or not, Don Corneo will find a way to turn the situation against them. The Sector 7 gate closes and Cloud agrees to chase after Tifa with Aerith. They find the chocobo stable outside of Wall Market and ask the stablehand where Tifa is. The stablehand tries to dismiss them since they weren't asking to ride the carriage.

Chocobo Sam, the boss of the delivery service, steps out to see what the ruckus is all about. Aerith asks if Sam knows where Tifa is, with Sam asking what they want with her and asks Cloud to describe her, since he gets a lot of customers. After Sam realizes whom they refer to, he sighs that Tifa may never see daylight again because Corneo is hosting an audition and she may be chosen as the next Mrs. Corneo. Sam believes Tifa has everything Don Corneo wants in a bride since he has scouted for him before. Cloud wants to know where Corneo is, but Sam refuses to answer. Aerith suggests they check out the town for leads.

As they look for Don Corneo's mansion, Cloud and Aerith spot Johnny and follow him. Johnny can't decide whether he should "enter or not to enter" and Cloud can either agree or disagree. Cloud asks if Johnny knows where Tifa is, Johnny wondering who Cloud is (as Johnny was blindfolded when they last met), but being delighted to hear Tifa is here. He runs away to chase after her. Aerith asks who Johnny is, and Cloud explains he is a nobody.

Leslie bars Cloud and Aerith entry.

Cloud and Aerith eventually find Don Corneo's mansion, whose entrance is guarded by his three lackeys, including Leslie Kyle. Leslie says men can't come in unless they work for Corneo. Cloud explains they're looking for someone, with Leslie guessing this is Cloud's first time at Wall Market. Aerith asks if she can go inside. Leslie says "maybe", but hopes she doesn't. The two other lackeys think Aerith may pass, but Leslie says her looks are not going to cut it. An insulted Aerith asks Cloud to kill the lackeys, but Leslie says if she wants to join tonight's audition, she will need endorsement from the Trio who work with Corneo. The first is Chocobo Sam, whom Cloud and Aerith talked to earlier. The others are Madam M, who works at a massage parlor, and Andrea Rhodea, who owns the Honeybee Inn. It will be difficult to convince any one of them. Aerith thanks Leslie for the details and leaves with Cloud.

Outside, Cloud wonders if Aerith is making the right choice when Johnny spots the pair, learning that Tifa is inside. Johnny deems that he needs to visit the Trio to gain approval to enter the mansion to save Tifa, and runs off. Cloud and Aerith find a dejected Johnny at the chocobo stables, and the two speak with Sam again, who asks them to leave since he already told them everything. Aerith wants to get in Don Corneo's audition, with Sam saying he will put her in the next one. Aerith insists she must audition tonight. Sam refuses, saying that he already recommended Tifa. When Aerith still doesn't give up, Sam takes out a coin and asks Cloud to pick heads or tails. Cloud loses the coin toss as Sam was using a double-headed coin. Sam says Aerith is pretty, but not the type for Don Corneo, and suggests the two talk to the other members of the Trio.

The pair heads to the Honeybee Inn since the massage parlor was closed. They find Johnny leaving and Cloud tries to go in alone, but Aerith wants to come along. Inside, a receptionist welcomes them and asks if they want a honeygirl for tonight. Cloud says they are here to see Andrea Rhodea. The receptionist says they need an appointment and the earliest time they can get in is three years from now, though Andrea sometimes makes exceptions. Aerith and Cloud give up and go and check out Madam M at the massage parlor again.

Madam M.

They find Johnny leaving in a hurry after being kicked out by Madam M. She welcomes Cloud and Aerith to her massage parlor, explaining her services. Cloud says they are not customers and Aerith explains she needs to get in the audition. Madam M gets angry at the two for wasting her time. She asks Cloud for his name after spotting his mako eyes and inspects his hand. She tells Cloud to pick a hand massage course and she may help them. The cheaper the course Cloud picks, the more painful the massage is.

After Cloud and Madam M leave the massage room, Madam M hears what Cloud and Aerith want. Aerith wants to partake in Don Corneo's audition, but Madam M dictates she can't go in a dress like that. Aerith asks Cloud if something is wrong with her outfit. Madam M promises to put Aerith in a dress "worth a million gil", though she understands Cloud and Aerith can't afford it. She signs Cloud up in a tournament in the Underground Colosseum, and should he win, the prize money can pay off Aerith's dress.

Johnny is injured after taking part in the tournament.

The colosseum staff asks if Cloud and Aerith are a team, Aerith wanting to partake as Cloud can't fight the battles for her alone. The pair rides the elevator downstairs and finds the tournament they entered is Corneo Cup and that Don Corneo owns the colosseum. They get ready in the dressing room and find an injured Johnny who thinks Cloud and Aerith should withdraw, but the announcement calls the pair out to their first match.

On the arena they defeat Beastmaster and his two bloodhounds, Aerith decrying that he is cheating for bringing animals. In the semifinals Cloud and Aerith face Beck, Burke, and Butch, the trio of bandits they encountered earlier. Beck and Burke can't wait to get revenge on Cloud and Aerith, as Butch is still confused by what they're saying. Five more members of "Beck's Badasses" show up, with Aerith again calling out cheating. Beck laughs that this tournament has no rules, as Don Corneo approves the extra members to the delight of the roaring crowd. Cloud and Aerith still defeat all eight gang members and make it to the finals.

The Trio watch Cloud and Aerith fight.

Sam, who is following the tournament from the VIP seating, praises Cloud, with Madam M saying she gave him a massage after all. Sam offers Madam M a game of coin toss, but she knows it is a trick and says his luck will run out one day. Sam begs Madam M to let him into her parlor, but Madam M refuses. The honeygirls next to Sam and Madam M compliment Cloud and Aerith's fighting style as Andrea contemplates what he has seen.

Cloud and Aerith prepare for the final match against Sam's machines, Cutty and Sweepy. Aerith thinks the tournament isn't supposed to allow machines, but they win the match and are declared the victors of the tournament. Madam M is overjoyed and Sam admits that all coins have two sides and leaves. Leslie, who is also watching from above, gets a call from Don Corneo as Madam M demands the prize money. Leslie says the prize will have to wait because Corneo wants a bonus match. If Cloud and Aerith win, they are officially the victors. Madam M gets mad, but Leslie says it was Don Corneo's call, not his.

Back in the dressing room, Cloud and Aerith celebrate their victory and discuss their plan to rescue Tifa. Madam M enters and says they still have one more match because the audience is betting so much Don Corneo wants to milk the money all he can. The opponent will be Corneo's choice. Aerith says that wasn't the deal, as Madam M angrily agrees and swears at Don Corneo, but Corneo is the one who makes the rules around here. Cloud asks if this is really the final match, with Madam M hoping that it is.

Cloud and Aerith defeat the Hell House.

Cloud and Aerith enter the arena for the bonus match and face Corneo's stellar stable, the Hell House. The mechanical house proves a tough opponent but Cloud and Aerith emerge victorious and celebrate and high five each other. They are declared the champions of the Corneo Cup. Madam M is overjoyed and Andrea has become interested in Cloud.

Cloud and Aerith return to the massage parlor with Madam M warning them that once Aerith gets changed, the pair won't be able to leave Wall Market. While Aerith is getting her makeover, Cloud has the chance to help either Madam M or Chocobo Sam for some odd jobs to secure another dress. Cloud meets up with Jules, the head trainer at the local gym. Cloud can challenge the gym-goers, and eventually Jules himself, to a squats off.

Chocobo Sam.

If Cloud is doing Sam's odd jobs, he meets up with a clothing store owner's son, who needs help to get his drunk and upset dad back from a bar. Johnny decides to help. The clothing store owner lost a bet and had to give up his "precious inspiration". After a long series of exchanges Cloud and Johnny procure the precious inspiration, a VIP Card to Honeybee Inn. The father will now pick a dress for the Honeybee Inn, with Johnny willing to help. Back at the clothing store, the son thanks Cloud for his help. Cloud reports his work to Sam, who still has one more odd job. Cloud wins a special match at the colosseum, scoring an Arcane Scepter for Aerith. Cloud asks Sam about Tifa, who says she is a special girl and that even though he won't help Cloud save her, he thinks his night at Wall Market has changed Cloud.

If Cloud is doing Madam M's odd jobs, he finds the stablehand of Sam's business and Mireille Dudley arguing. Some criminals stole a shipment en route to the Leaf House, with the stablehand believing the criminal is "the Angel of the Slums". Mireille spotted three shady-looking types wandering around Evergreen Park and asks Cloud to investigate to clear the angel's name. Cloud finds Beck, Burke, and Butch with a grungy bandit and brings them to the stablehand and Mireille. The stablehand apologizes to Mireille and escorts the four bandits away to teach them a lesson. Cloud asks if Mireille needs help to bring the donations to the Leaf House, but she says she can handle that. Mireille bids farewell as Cloud picks up a calling card from the angel.

As Cloud is about to check on Aerith at the massage parlor, the colosseum gatekeeper asks him to enter a special match. After his victory, Madam M gives Cloud an Arcane Scepter for Aerith. Cloud asks how Aerith is doing, Madam M answering that her man is just about to put their finishing touches on her dress.

After either the of the two scenarios, Cloud is about to enter the massage parlor when Johnny rushes in. Cloud follows Johnny to the entrance of Don Corneo's mansion. Johnny heads off to deliver Cloud's message to Aerith, while Cloud enters the mansion. Leslie asks what he wants as Cloud gives Leslie Madam M's endorsement for Aerith. Leslie feels bad for Aerith and tells Cloud he can't come in even if she made it. Leslie warns that if Cloud attacks them, Don Corneo may blackmail him by doing something to Tifa or Aerith. The audition won't start yet and Leslie asks him to bring Aerith and the letter of approval when it does, but advises against it.

Aerith makes her entrance in her new dress.

Back outside Cloud finds Johnny moving the crowd to make way for Aerith, who arrives wearing either a dark red dress, a dark pink dress, or a plain pink dress. Depending on how spectacular the dress is, more people might show up as Aerith expresses how she feels wearing the dress. Cloud is annoyed Johnny did not tell Aerith to wait for him at the massage parlor, but Aerith says she was worried about Cloud and wanted to come. Cloud says this place is dangerous and that he will not let Aerith enter the audition alone.

Aerith has a plan to get Cloud inside as well and leads him to the Honeybee Inn, as she heard from Madam M that Andrea wants to put Cloud in a dress. Cloud is shocked but yields when Aerith reminds that they are doing this to rescue Tifa. The receptionist shows Cloud to the backroom where three honeygirls tell Cloud to practice dance moves before escorting him to the lounge where Madam M and Sam are already waiting for the show to start. They watch the performance until Andrea makes his entrance and welcomes Cloud to the Honeybee Inn; if Cloud can dance with Andrea, the latter will endorse Cloud for the audition.

Cloud gets his makeover with Andrea's aid.

Cloud wants to leave, but stops when he spots Aerith watching him from the crowd. Andrea invites Cloud to join him on the stage to dance with him. Aerith cheers them on as Cloud and Andrea dance. Andrea approves of Cloud's moves and transforms him into "a vision of beauty". Depending on which odd jobs Cloud completed at Wall Market, he gets either a plain gray dress, a lacy dark blue dress, or a satiny lavender dress. Andrea dances with Cloud once more as the performance comes to an end.

Aerith meets Cloud outside though at first he ignores her due to embarrassment. Aerith thinks Cloud is pretty in a dress. The pair heads to Don Corneo's mansion, the passerbys judging Cloud's outfit and catcalling him and Aerith. Leslie is shocked as Aerith presents their letters of approval from Madam M and Andrea. Leslie lets them inside and the pair is escorted into a room where they're locked inside. Gas starts pouring in as Cloud and Aerith feel dizzy. Two Corneo masked lackeys enter, with one telling the other to handle the ladies with care. The lackeys escort Cloud and Aerith to the basement where both pass out.

Cloud comes to in Corneo's basement.

When Cloud wakes up to Tifa asking if he can hear her. Cloud makes sure she is okay, Tifa shocked to find Cloud wearing a dress, but he changes the subject. A woozy Aerith introduces herself to Tifa. Cloud says they need to leave, but Tifa insists upon seeing Don Corneo. After she and Barret returned to the Sector 7 slums, they found Don Corneo's men asking for Barret, but couldn't find why. Tifa wants to extract the truth from the man himself, but if Corneo doesn't pick her, the plan would all be for nothing. Aerith tells Tifa not to worry, since she and Cloud are the other two candidates. Tifa thinks it is wrong to get Aerith involved, but Aerith doesn't mind.

An announcement tells the ladies it is time for the audition for the next Mrs. Corneo. The three head upstairs as the lackeys keep an eye on them. Kotch, one of Corneo's lackeys who also works at the colosseum as a commentator, thinks Aerith and Cloud are familiar, but Aerith lies that they have never met before. Kotch introduces the three ladies to Don Corneo, who ruminates over his decision. As he is about to announce his pick Aerith asks about the bridal position. Kotch explains the "marriage" could last even beyond tonight if Don Corneo likes the woman. Cloud scoffs, saying "pathetic", catching Corneo's interest and leading to Corneo picking Cloud. He lets his lackeys have Aerith and Tifa as he drags Cloud to his room.

Don tries to seduce Cloud as he takes pictures with hidden cameras. Kotch escorts Aerith and Tifa to the lackeys' break room and leaves. Aerith tells Tifa they better not keep Cloud waiting as Scotch recognizes Aerith from the colosseum. Aerith and Tifa beat up the lackeys, and praise each other's combat skills. Leslie shows up with their gear and clothes, explaining that Andrea filled him in on the situation. Aerith thanks Leslie and she and Tifa change back into their normal clothes. They head for Don Corneo's room to rescue Cloud while beating up more of his lackeys.

Cloud kicks Corneo for trying to jump on him. Corneo commands his lackeys to come in to teach Cloud some manners, but Aerith and Tifa burst into the room instead. Aerith returns Cloud his clothes and sword. Cloud gets changed as Corneo is shocked his chosen "bride" was a man this whole time.

Cloud, Aerith and Tifa interrogate Corneo.

Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud threaten to castrate Corneo unless he answers their questions. A scared Corneo explains that Heidegger from Shinra hired him to find Barret. Since Avalanche has now bombed two mako reactors, Shinra wants to wipe their base of operations by dropping the Sector 7 plate. As the group is about to leave, Corneo asks if they know the reason villains only divulge their plans in a certain situation. No matter how Cloud answers or doesn't, Corneo says they will find their answers in the sewers as he pulls a switch. A trapdoor opens underneath the trio, sending them plummeting through the floor. Corneo laughs and tells them to enjoy the sights and smells.

Spoilers end here.


Main Scenario[]

Robot arm minigame.

The first few quests from "Take the Shortcut" to "Saying Goodbye" take place in the Collapsed Expressway, with a party of Cloud and Aerith. These are largely combat quests, and involve a robot arm minigame in which Cloud must move a robot arm to move Aerith to a position and drop a ladder so Cloud can progress. Aerith can also be positioned to grab rare materia.

Following this, the remaining quests take place in Wall Market. These are primarily non-combat quests as Cloud and Aerith look for a way to enter Don Corneo's mansion. However, combat quests take place in the Corneo Colosseum, as the two battle several enemies including the Hell House. The final quests take place in Corneo's mansion, with little combat involved, although Tifa joins the party briefly for a few battles.


Squats minigame.

There are two possible questlines for Odd Jobs, one involving Chocobo Sam ("The Party Never Stops" and "A Dynamite Body") and one involving Madam M ("The Price of Thievery" and "Shears' Counterattack"). "Burning Thighs" appears in both. To complete all sidequests for "The Town That Never Sleeps", one must revisit the chapter in Chapter Selection to get the other questline.

The choices made during the chapter determine which questline the player gets. The following choices increase the chance of getting Sam's questline ("The Party Never Stops" and "A Dynamite Body"):

  • Describing Tifa as "She's in great shape" (during "Chasing Tifa").
  • Completing "Vagabond Johnny" and selecting "Yeah" when speaking to him.
  • Saying "No, thanks" to the inn keeper when offering a room to Cloud and Aerith.
  • Selecting either "Heads" or "Tails" when offered a coin toss (during "Sam").
  • Selecting the Poor Man's Course at Madam M's parlor (during "Madam M's Desire").
  • Selecting "It's alright" when Aerith asks about her outfit (during "Madam M's Desire").
  • Selecting "I'll taste it" when interacting with the bottle on the table in the room with Johnny at the Colosseum.

The following choices increase the chance of getting Madam M's questline ("The Price of Thievery" and "Shears' Counterattack"):

  • Describing Tifa as "She's great at handling the books" (during "Chasing Tifa").
  • Ignoring "Vagabond Johnny".
  • Saying "How much?" to the inn keeper when offering a room to Cloud and Aerith.
  • Selecting "No deal" when offered a coin toss (during "Sam").
  • Selecting the Luxury Course or the Standard Course at Madam M's parlor (during "Madam M's Desire").
  • Selecting "It matter what I think?" when Aerith asks about her outfit (during "Madam M's Desire").


A single Discovery quest involves following and talking to Johnny, though it can be ignored.

Behind the scenes[]

Of the dialogue choices made during the chapter, the majority of players (57%) reported telling Chocobo Sam "She's in great shape." about Tifa, followed by "She's a great figher." (34%) and "She's great at handling the books." (9%). In response to the barker at the inn, most players asked "How much?" (47%), while over half rejected the offer ("...No, thanks" at 37%, and "Back off." at 16%). For Sam's coin toss, players were split, with a larger number of players reported answering "Heads." (39%), followed by "No deal." (35%) and "Tails." (26%). When Aerith asked about her outfit, players were split, with most answering "It's alright." (41%), followed by "Looks comfortable." (37%), and "It matter what I think?" (22%).[1]

The overwhelming majority of players (75%) chose Madam M's Luxury Course, while just 15% chose the Standard Course and 10% chose the Poor Man's Course. Despite this, the majority of players reported seeing Cloud's second dress (60%) which is rewarded for completing Chocobo Sam's questline, where only 35% saw Cloud's third dress for Madam M's questline.[1]


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