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The Torch Burns On was an open-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Introduction to open-track events[]

The Torch Burns On was the first event since Awakening Cloud to attempt a format change, the open-track event. This type of event is currently marked as an open beta. Unlike previous events, the open-track layout consists of 11 dungeons lined up in single-file, no unlocks required.

These events are also frequently accompanied by a Revenge Event upon the rollout of the second leg. A Revenge Event reissues high-level segments of a previous Challenge Event, offering additional battles with equal or better rewards than the original issue. For this event, Thorns of the Rose was the chosen source.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details about Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy II: Soul of Rebirth follow. (Skip section)

The elder prince of Kashuan, Scott, fell in his escape from the Palamecian Empire. With his last breath, he commissions Firion and his allies in the Wild Rose Rebellion to carry on in his place.

After its launch at Bafsk, Firion and his team learn of a way to stop the mammoth Dreadnought in its tracks: the ship is powered by Kashuan's eternal Sunfire; an overburn would cause the engines to explode. Sunfire can only be retrieved by one of Kashuan royal blood, and so it falls to Gordon, Scott's cowardly younger brother, to assist in this endeavor. Having retrieved the Goddess's Bell earlier, Firion and his team escort Gordon to Kashuan Keep to retrieve the flame.

Egil's Torch in hand, the four work their way through a docked Dreadnought and destroy the ship, rescuing Princess Hilda in the process. Their dealings with the Empire, however, are far from over.

Later, as Firion and friends set out for a final confrontation with Emperor Mateus from within Pandaemonium, Scott, Minwu, Josef and Ricard find themselves in an afterlife plagued by similar chaos, the Emperor's light soul seeking to dominate it as well. The four must band together to unravel his devious plot.

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