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The Strength of Courage is a time-limited event where Cater from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 7.


Story CutscenesEdit

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Reckless Behavior:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 7: Imber Manor before playing.

  • ???: Take this you little...!
  • Mog: Kupo!? Did you hear that!?
  • Rem: Hey, doesn't that sound like...?
  • King: Yeah, let's go check it out.

  • ???: Whew. That should do it. That was a close one though.
  • Rem: Cater! Is that you?
  • Cater: Rem!? And is that King!?
  • Steiner: Did you vanquish the monsters here all by yourself!?
  • Yang: Your courage is commendable.
  • Cater: Huh? Oh, thanks. ...So, uh, what's up with the get-up? You guys circus performers or something?
  • Steiner: ...! Hmph. Well, the others seem to know her, so I'll let it pass.
  • Steiner: I am Adelbert Steiner.
  • Yang: And I am Yang, monk and leader of Fabul.
  • Cater: Hold up. A man wearing armor and a warrior monk? What in the world is going on here?
  • King: We need to talk.
  • Rem: So, Cater, this world we're in...

  • Cater: Ohhh! No wonder they're dressed so funny.
  • Yang: Well, we are from different worlds, after all.
  • Steiner: Exactly. Our attire is simply a characteristic of our home.
  • Rem: She's just never seen anybody dressed like you two before. That's all.
  • Cater: But seriously, I have the worst luck. I was just taking a nap on the terrace, and the next thing you know, I'm in a different world.
  • Cater: Anyway, we need to close those Torsions or whatever if we ever wanna go home, right?
  • Mog: Right, kupo! So you should come—
  • Cater: All right, I'm gonna go see what's up ahead! You guys check that way! We'll meet up later!

(Cater runs off)

  • Mog: Waaait! I wasn't finished talking yet, kupo!
  • Yang: Are you sure she'll be okay?
  • King: No, this place is crawling with monsters.
  • Rem: Leave it to Cater to go running off without thinking first.
  • Steiner: Come, let us hurry after your comrade!
The Pure of Heart:
  • Mog: Finally! I didn't think we'd ever catch up, kupo!
  • Cater: Sorry about that. I still haven't found the Torsion yet.
  • Firion: No, I'm just glad we found you before anything happened. It's dangerous here.
  • Cater: Oh, you were worried about me? Rem sure is lucky to have nice friends like you.
  • Cater: But I'm fine. I know how to take care of myself.
  • Layle: Pretty confident, aren't we? But it's people like you who end up getting themselves into trouble.
  • Wakka: Yeah, and I believe it coming from you.
  • Penelo: The monsters up ahead are even stronger. You could get really hurt if you go alone.
  • Cater: Hm... You really think so? I mean, we could cover more ground if we split up.
  • Cater: Plus, the monsters here don't seem to like being shot in the face, so I think I can handle things myself.
  • Wakka: Man, I love this confidence of hers!
  • Firion: You possess abilities we are in need of. Would you consider fighting along our side?
  • Penelo: Please, come with us. Think of it as you're doing us a favor.
  • Cater: Come on, you're embarrassing me. I mean, it's tough being popular sometimes.
  • Cater: But sure, you've got it! I'll come with you.
  • Mog: Yay! Welcome to the family, kupo! Now we'll be able to seal the Torsion here in no time.
  • Mog: Speaking of which, my senses tell me it's this way. Come on, everybody!
  • Cater: Aye aye, captain! I won't let you down!

(Everyone leaves, except Layle)

  • Layle: Well, that was easy. I think they've got a knack for this.
A Spitfire and Thief:
  • Cater: Yes! I closed the Torsion! Pretty impressive, huh?
  • Galuf: Impressive, indeed. Looks like you've got the skills to back up that mouth of yours.
  • Cater: Hey, you gotta practice what you preach, you know? That's my motto.
  • Vincent: You're strong, talented.
  • Vincent: But you lack the composure necessary for battle. ...One day, that hubris could be your downfall.
  • Cater: Ugh. Give it a rest. I'm tired of everyone trying to lecture me on what to do.
  • Rem: Hey's saying this because he's worried about you. Right, Vincent?
  • Vincent: Forget I said anything.
  • King: Everybody expresses themselves differently. Think about everyone in Class Zero.
  • Cater: Yeah... Good point. The world may be different, but people are still people, huh?
  • Yuffie: Wow, gettin' all philosophical on us now.
  • Galuf: You two are a lot alike, you know that?
  • Yuffie: What!? I'm nothing like this cocky tomboy!
  • Cater: Excuse me!? What did you just say, you conniving thief!
  • Galuf: See, what did I tell you?
  • Rem: The more the merrier, r-right?
  • Vincent: ...Heh.
  • Galuf: Vincent, why don't you keep an eye on them? Give them some guidance.
  • Vincent: I'll pass.
  • Cater: Not in a million years!
  • Galuf: Yep, they're perfect for each other.
  • Yuffie: How could you say we're alike? I mean, have I ever been this annoying?
  • Galuf: Well, ready to go?

(Everyone leaves, except Yuffie and Cater)

  • Yuffie: H-hold up! Hey!
  • Cater: Yuffie, it hurts to admit it...but I know how you feel right now.
  • Yuffie: Thanks, Cater... You're a lot nicer than I thought.
  • Cater: Maybe we're not so different after all, huh? Let's find a way home...together.
  • Cater: And let's show the others who's boss! Make them pay for ever doubting us!
  • Yuffie: Oh, I like where you're going with this! I'm in!
  • Galuf: Heeey! Get a move on, you two!
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