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The Stone Vigil is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It is an Ishgardian fortress that was captured by the Dravanian Horde. It is accessed through the Main Scenario.


Stone Vigil[]

Stone Vigil.

One of four watchtowers built along the Sea of Clouds by the city-state of Ishgard, the Stone Vigil was overrun and occupied by the Dravanian Horde not long after the Calamity. The following years have seen the knights of House Durendaire make several attempts at reclaiming the fortress, but to no avail. What could it be that thwarts their every effort?

In-game description

The Adventurer, Alphinaud Leveilleur, and Cid nan Garlond eventually gain permission by Ishgard authorities to investigate this fort in order to salvage Cid's airship, the Enterprise, for use in confronting the primal Garuda. This task requires fighting through a garrison of Dravanian soldiers. At the end, they discover the airship behind a sleeping dragon. Unfortunately, the Ascian Lahabrea wakes it up in an attempt to hinder their plans.

The first boss is fairly straightforward, although like the rest of the dragons he hits extremely hard and his Area of Effect attacks lack the AoE indicator lines that appear in most fights. The Wyvern that repeatedly surprises the player throughout the dungeon is fought as the second boss, Koschei. In addition to tornadoes that must be avoided, players must be mindful of the ice dragon outside, which should be shot down with cannons before it can breathe on the entire arena. This ice dragon, Isgebind is the last boss fought in the dungeon, and though it also lacks the AoE indicators, its attacks are fairly intuitive.

Stone Vigil (Hard)[]

Too long has the Stone Vigil been ravished by the Dravanians and their thralls; too long has House Durendaire suffered this infamy. Time has come for its dragoons to retake the fortress, ten hundred lances and a thousand dreams of vengeance strong.

Though the knights of Ishgard breach the gate to find a lodgment within the Vigil, the enemy is well defended and amply supplied. This deadlock must be broken—and who better than those who once made free of the fortress under the dragons' very noses, and lived to tell the tale?


A hard mode version was introduced in Patch 2.3. Having finally mustered his forces to make a move, Lord Drillemont is ready to retake the Stone Vigil from the Dravanian Horde. To improve the chances of success, he requests the player assist him as a vanguard for the Ishgardian Knights due to the prior escapade to retrieve the Enterprise.

The player must wade through both dragons and their Harrier allies as they clear the path for House Durendaire. The first boss, Gorynich, is similar to Chudo Yudo, but he is assisted by Vigil Heirs that will empower him if they are killed near him. The second boss, Cuca Fera, is an armored turtle dragon. Rather than engaging it directly, players will provide artillery support by using Bertha cannons in four corners of the room while knights of House Durendaire engage the beast in melee. The cannons must be used both to stun Cuca Fera's ground slam attack and clear away enemy reinforcements. However, players must be careful to not fire at the boss while it has a defensive stance (glowing red) as the cannon shots will ricochet back onto the players.

The last boss is Giruveganaus. This hulking dragon has a unique combat strategy: rather than engaging via standard enmity mechanics, it will instead use randomized attacks on nearby party members that must be watched carefully to avoid. Many of its attacks will inflict the Infirmity condition, which reduces the effect of healing magic and cannot be removed with Esuna/Leeches. Once its health is lowered by 50%, a second Giruveganaus will appear in the northeast corner of the room. Both Giraveganaus must be defeated to complete the duty.


Stone Vigil
Stone Vigil (Hard)
  • Dragonfly Hunter
  • Shield Dragon
  • Storm Biast
  • Watch Wyvern
  • Gorynich (Boss)
  • Vigil Heir
  • Craving Harrier
  • Haranguing Harrier
  • Maundering Harrier
  • Raving Harrier
  • Jura Aevis
  • Gowrow (must be driven off with cannons)
  • Cuca Fera (Boss)
  • Sordes
  • Paleoaevis
  • Tursus
  • Giruveganaus (Boss)

Musical themes[]

"Cold Salvation" plays in the Stone Vigil.

Behind the scenes[]

Koschei and Gorynich are notorious monsters from Final Fantasy XI. Giruveganaus is based on the Giruveganus enemy from Final Fantasy XII.

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