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For the first time since the fall of its civilization, the warmongering Stigma-4 is awake, its unbeating heart set on conquering a distant star—yours. Omicron N-7000 believes that the most effective means of deterrence is to convince its subconscious circuits of how poorly it would fare against Hydaelyn's champion, and has opened a path to allow you to implant a pseudo-memory of just such a contest. Thus does it fall to you to answer the question—of what do matrices dream?

Duty Finder description

The Stigma Dreamscape is a Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. It is one of the extra level 90 dungeons in the base expansion.


  • Arrive at A-4 Command
  • Clear A-4 Command
  • Arrive at A-4 Conquest
  • Clear A-4 Conquest
  • Arrive at A-4 Headquarters
  • Defeat Stigma-4



  • Side Cannons: Proto-Omega barrages the arena to either its left or right side with missiles. Direction is telegraphed with several arrow indicators pointing in the attack direction.
  • Front Interceptors and Rear Interceptors: Proto-Omega produces a missile launcher from its top that barrages the arena to its front or back, depending on the attack used.
  • Chemical Missile: Two or three players are marked with circle AoEs that deal damage and leave behind fire puddles that inflict Burns while standing in them.
  • Guided Missile: Two or three untargetable Mark II Guided Missile adds spawn and tether to players. The missiles slowly chase after their tethered player, eventually detonating and leaving a small fire puddle. Coming into contact with the missile detonates it early for moderate damage.
  • Electric Slide: A stack marker on a random player. Proto-Omega jumps onto the targeted player, dealing damage and knocking back everyone but the targeted player.
  • Mustard Bomb: Tankbuster, designated by a red-and-black hazard stripe indicator.


  • Wheel: Tankbuster, designated by a red-and-black hazard stripe indicator.
  • Auto-Mobile Assault Cannon: Arch-Lambda moves to the center of the arena and telegraphs a series of four line AoEs across the arena. Arch-Lambda then moves along the indicated areas, dealing damage to players it runs over.
  • Wave Cannon: Cast immediately after Auto-Mobile Assault Cannon. Arch-Lambda blasts the entire arena in front of it with lasers for high damage.
  • Atomic Flame: Moderate damage to the entire party.
  • Auto-Mobile Sniper Cannon: Arch-Lambda moves to the north edge of the arena and telegraphs an AoE straight down the center. Certain points in the AoE are marked with 1-4 dots, as well as each player. Arch-Lambda then dashes across the arena, dealing damage as well as firing lasers when it crosses the numbered section in a line toward the player with the corresponding number.


  • AI Takeover: Stigma-4 summons one of three types of adds:
    • An Omega Frame to the south that casts Proto-wave Cannon, damaging the arena to its indicated side. It will then use Self-destruct, destroying itself and dealing high damage to the party if not killed.
    • A Hybrid Dragon to the east or west that land with Touchdown, a small circle AoE and then cast Fire Breath, a large cone AoE from its front. It too will cast Self-destruct afterwards.
    • Several Proto-rocket Punches that line up along the east or west edge of the arena and Rush across, dealing damage. Two "lanes" of the arena will not have a Rocket Punch add, creating a safe zone.
  • Electromagnetic Release: Stigma-4 disassembles into either a helix or ring shape. A helix indicates the attack is a circle centered on Stigma-4, while a ring indicates a ring AoE that leaves melee range safe.
  • Mindhack: Stigma-4 places a random Forced March debuff on all players. After 10 seconds, each player is forced to walk in the direction the debuff indicated. This ability is always coupled with Electromagnetic Release
  • Atomic Ray: High unavoidable damage and inflicts a Bleeding debuff for 9 seconds.
  • Multi-AI Takeover: Stigma-4 summons Proto-rocket Punches and either an Omega Frame or a Hybrid Dragon at the same time.


  • Omicron Invader
  • Level Tricker
  • Eta Invader
  • Proto-Omega
  • Lambda Invader
  • Delta Invader
  • Arch-Lambda
  • Beta Invader
  • Hybrid Dragon
  • Omega Frame
  • Siege Matrix: Stigma-4

Musical Themes[]

The dungeon theme is the Primals rendtion of eScape.