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Ser Marcelain wishes to prepare you for the siege of Ishgard.

Quest description

The Steps of Faith The Steps of Faith is a Quest in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Journal[edit | edit source]

  • Ser Marcelain explains that the damage Iceheart inflicted on Ishgard's arcane barrier has allowed the dragons to land directly upon the Steps of Faith─the bridge which spans the Sea of Clouds between the Gates of Judgement and the city proper. You are to take up position on the Steps of Faith, and aid the Temple Knights in defending the vital structure against the Dravanian Horde.

※The Steps of Faith can be accessed via the Duty Finder.

  • You have succeeded in driving the Dravanian Horde from the Steps of Faith. Return in triumph to the Gates of Judgement.
  • As the remnants of the Dravanian Horde take to the skies in disarray, Ishgard's weary defenders breathe a sigh of relief. The siege is ended. Speak with Alphinaud at the Gates of Judgement and find out how your allies fared in the battle at the Steel Vigil.
  • Moments after greeting Alphinaud, you are joined by a grateful Ser Aymeric, who humbly thanks you for your service. When the lord commander subsequently takes his leave, Alphinaud triumphantly declares that the stage has been set for Ishgard's return to the Eorzean Alliance. Make your way back to Revenant's Toll, and report your success to Minfilia.
  • Minfilia greets your return with a mixture of triumph and relief. Having snuffed out the Dravanian threat, it is time to enjoy a well-earned rest.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Use the Duty Finder to stand against the Dravanian Horde on the Steps of Faith.
  • Speak with Alphinaud at the Gates of Judgement.
  • Speak with Minfilia at the Rising Stones.

Script[edit | edit source]

The Steps of Faith The Steps of Faith script
Marcelain Ere you commit yourself to the siege, you should know what it is you are tasked with defending. Beyond the Gates of Judgement lie the Steps of Faith─a great bridge of stone that leads directly to the city of Ishgard.
Marcelain More than simply a means to cross the Sea of Clouds, the bridge serves as a foundation for the arcane wards that form the barrier we call Daniffen's Collar.
Marcelain Alas, in dispelling the barrier's outermost layer, that thrice-damned witch Iceheart stripped the bridge of its protection, and thus are the dragons now able to land unhindered upon the Steps of Faith.
Marcelain Should the Dravanians succeed in destroying the remainder of the wards, the winged devils will be free to swarm within the city itself.
Marcelain Needless to say, we cannot suffer that to happen. It shall be our task as defenders to prevent any harm from coming to those parts of the bridge wherein the wards are sealed.
Marcelain All now rests on us, adventurer. Lead your comrades out onto the Steps of Faith and prepare to meet the Horde. ...May the Fury guide your blades!
Marcelain If the Steps of Faith fall, so too shall Ishgard. We must defend them to the last man.
Marcelain Rally your comrades, adventurer, and join us in our stand against the Horde!
Heishi The dragons─ They are withdrawing! Victory is ours!
Estinien One of Nidhogg's greatest champions...slain. The Horde will not soon recover from this blow.
Estinien But what of you, Nidhogg? Why did you not join your minions and make of this battle a slaughter? Have you grown so fond of the stench of your lair?
Estinien Mayhap you prefer to have your allies fight your battles for you... You have a girl to do your bidding now, do you not? No matter. I shall slay Iceheart, and all the rest...
Estinien ...But I yearn to spill the blood of a great wyrm, Nidhogg, and only your death will sate my lance.
Marcelain By the Fury... You have driven the Horde from the Steps of Faith! You! A stranger to our land! I confess, I did not think you capable of such a feat...
Marcelain Yet you yielded not an ilm in the face of dragons that would turn my brother knights' blood to ice. The Fury Herself must walk at your side!
Chaunollet Nay, I'll not deny it: without your skill and fortitude, the city would now be ash. Would that more of your adventuring brethren possessed such qualities.
Loanne You have served us well, adventurer─the Temple Knights would have been hard-pressed indeed to turn back the Horde alone. Mayhap 'tis time I returned to the practice yard...
Alphinaud [Player Name]! The dragons are routed! Lest you wonder, the fighting at the Steel Vigil was also fierce, but my Crystal Braves were not found wanting!
Aymeric Commander Leveilleur, [Player Name]... True to your word, you arrived to aid us in our hour of need.
Aymeric On behalf of the Holy See and the people of Ishgard, I offer you my humble thanks.
Aymeric Though I would stay and lavish you with well-deserved praise, I fear I must away to oversee the aftermath of the siege. Not all the dragons are fled, and there are yet wounded to be carried from the field. Pray let us meet anon that I might express my thanks with the proper courtesy.
Alphinaud I too would offer my thanks, [Player Name]. Through your deeds, we have achieved a victory of singular importance.
Alphinaud With the Dravanian Horde thus weakened and scattered, the threat to Ishgard has been greatly diminished.
Alphinaud And, mayhap equally significant, the Holy See must now recognize the necessity of cooperation with foreign powers.
Alphinaud Long have they barred their gates against the outside world, but I am confident that the day will soon come when Ishgard proclaims itself a member of the Eorzean Alliance once more.
Alphinaud Much have we sacrificed in our struggles against dragons and primals, the Ascians and the Empire. But, step by unfaltering step, we march ever nearer to our goal.
Alphinaud And, as ever, the journey is made with you in the van.
Alphinaud The victory you have won this day gives us greater hope for the morrow.
Alphinaud 'Tis a hope that shall sustain us in the days to come, and bear us past the many evils that yet seek to hinder our progress.

Yes, we have done well, my friend, and I, for one, would take a moment to savor the enormity of our achievement!

Alphinaud ...The demands of duty, however, allow me little time for levity. I must accompany Captain Ilberd back to Ul'dah, and reassign those Braves whose squads suffered heavy losses.
Alphinaud You, my friend, have earned a rest at the Rising Stones. Pray return to Revenant's Toll, and share your tale with Minfilia in person.
Minfilia [Player Name]! Welcome back!
Minfilia Alphinaud sent word of the siege. And, of course, of the role you played in ending it.
Minfilia Your deeds never cease to amaze me, [Player Name]... Thank you.
Quest complete.
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